Happiness on Earth


Happiness on Earth

by Feroniba Ramin Hassani

German translation coming soon

♡ Listen to Harold Budd and Brian Eno - The Pearl (1984) ♡♡♡ ♡ ♡♡♡

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Happiness on Earth

Deutsche Übersetzung demnächst ♡

♡ Listen to Harold Budd and Brian Eno - The Pearl (1984) ♡♡♡ ♡ ♡♡♡

Part 1 • Hello and welcome ♡ - Purpose and aim of "Happiness on Earth"

Session 1 • Start Wed 2016-3-23 London 17:00-18:30

Hello ♡ I am Feroniba, the author of "Happiness on Earth", currently living in London - Richmond, UK, (contact us here) born 1962-9-8 in Hamburg, Germany at 9:50 am.
This book has only one purpose: to prove (to) every reader that happiness on earth is possible, now, for everyone, and for all humanity as a whole - and the aim is to manifest happiness on earth - starting with us, Feroniba, his three kids (Gabriel, born 2009-12-20 in London, UK, and the twins Moses and Sofie, born 2013-10-23 in Berlin, Germany), and all members, friends and fans of the Terasof group at terasof.com. Welcome ♡

Here is the first list what we will focus on - all the basic objects which we need to manifest happiness on earth for everyone who wishes to have it:

The basic objects to manifest happiness on earth

1 • Our self - our soul, mind and body in perfect health (continued 21:40-22:45)
2 • Understanding and connecting with God, angels, masters, paradise, and the mortal sphere from the spiritual unconditioned perspective
3 • Understanding and living love - perfect handling of people who destroy love
4 • Discipline for all necessities
5 • Personal exchange with and caring for persons we choose as our closer friends, partners, family etc. - our personal group members

6 • All support for living and habitation, sleep, diet, hygiene, medical and health care, fitness, wellness, knowledge, education, communication, travel etc.
7 • Education in everything we love full-heartedly
8 • Perfect environment, nature, technology etc.
9 • Group organization or state, rules and laws, finance system, security, research and development etc.

That is all we need to be happy on earth, and we can even reduce our list individually if we wish so. Item 1-5 can be done by our selves without external help, costs etc. For items 6-9 connections to and work with others are needed. (Session 2) We will go through our list together soon.

Now let us see the hindrances, why people are not following and practicing the items for happiness on earth.

The obstacles against happiness on earth

1 • Egoistic hierarchies suppress and force their tributaries against love since thousands of years and exploite them for their egoistic purposes
2 • Their diplomacy is deceiving people via mass media etc. - Those who uncover their diplomacy are persecuted, tortured and killed
3 • The connection to God, angels, masters, and understanding paradise and the mortal sphere from the spiritual perspective is systematically destroyed by them, creating fake religions for these purposes or deform existing popular religions for their purposes - all attempts or practices of real religious life are combatted (fought) by all means
4 • - The existence of our soul as a perfect eternal entity is questioned or denied and it's exploration is mentioned as insignificant or even foolish
5 • Thus it seems that love can't be truely practiced or can't really exist - everybody has to save his life and his family from egoistic exploitations of others as best as they can - and finally peple resign from all idealistic efforts, purposes and hopes and become egoists, too and follow the mass media trends of egoistic careers and practices

6 • Nobody believes in personal exchange and care with everyone in every situation, they experience that it is a waste of time and they have no experiences, role models and no clue how this could be realized
7 • Because there is no hope for idealism and true love, which every new born child is expecting by nature, discipline for necessities is vanishing step by step and turning into sadness, depression, doubts and disruption, finally in weakness, allergies, illness, rebellion, enemity and madness
8 • Education is only offered to become a follower of the hierarchical egoism
9 • There is no perfect environment or support because of hierarchical egoism - we have pollution, cities and lands which are abnormal to natures eco-system and harmony, noise and danger everywhere
10 • Building communities of loving and caring people is frowned upon as negative sects etc., this means everyone should only follow the egoistic hierarchy - communities could take over and govern themselves, build their own state etc. and finally take over the world government

We have explained the objects of happiness on earth and their equivalent obstacles, built through the egoistic hierarchies of thousands of years suppressing love and happiness for mankind as a whole.

The basic objects for happiness seem to be easy to implement and practice when we read them, but the obstacles seem to be a insurmountable barrier. To cure the results of this situation will not help, and we will never reach the goal, but healing the cause will do. Our essay will now begin showing a way how to overcome each obstacle and manifest happiness on earth, individually and for all mankind in it's entirety. And we will have fun reading the solutions - this is simultaneously the goal of our book. And now let us enjoy reading part 2.

Part 2 • God, paradise, our souls and the mortal sphere

... To be continued soon ...


Session 1 • Start Wed 2016-3-23 London 17:00-18:30 - continued 21:40-22:45

Session 2 • Thu 2016-3-24 London 8:30- - obsacles against happiness on earth 21:40-22:45


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