The Last Reformation

Christian, Disciple or Slave? - written by Torben Søndergaard - summary
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The Last Reformation is a free Christian organization. It was founded by Torben Søndergaard, born 9 August 1976 in Denmark. He lives with his wife Lene and their three children in Herning, Denmark.

13 questions and invitation to Torben Søndergaard and his group

1 - Can we ask God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit to heal our own illnesses or have we to ask someone to pray for us, or is it better to ask? Jesus: Wherever two or three meet in my name there am I. Whatever you ask for in my name will be given to you immediately.

2 - What shall we think or do if healing does not happen immediately, or even not after some time? Have we done something wrong? Does God sometimes want us to be ill or unhealed? If so, why? What are the possible reasons?

3 - Do we have to wait sometimes for God's answer? Jesus: You will understand afterwards.

4 - Can we offer every imaginable healing, for instance from cancer, Aids, broken bones, blindness, cripples, awake or resurrect the dead, all kinds of cureless situations as Jesus and the apostles did? Can a lost hand grow again, or a finger, tooth, eye etc.? Jesus put the cut ear at its place again. Can we become cured from diabetes, chronically illnesses etc.?

5 - Can we do and offer wonders as Jesus feeded 5.000 people etc.? (Luke 9, 10-17)

6 - Do we have to offer our help in healing activities to everyone who askes us? (Mark 3, 7-12)

7 - Have people to believe in Jesus and God and the Holy Spirit, do they have to be Christians, baptized, to become completely healed? Or can they have other beliefs, religions, or be atheists and nonbelievers? Do they have to follow Jesus and the Bible etc.? (Mark 7, 14-23)

8 - Can we have meetings or appearances with Jesus or Moses, the Apostles, God, angels etc. or hear their voices, see their signs which they send to us as symbols to understand their messages etc., and offer others to help them to acheive the same? (Luke 9, 28-36)

9 - If Jesus or God, angels and other holy entities appear in our dreams, can we be shure that this is a true revelation to help us on our path to God and heaven?

10 - Don't we have to keep it a secret that someone became healed due to our help through Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit? (Mark 7, 36)

11 - Don't we have to build a community with our brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, to fulfill loving our neighbours and our enemies?

12 - Do you accept our homepage "Terasof - Christian Mystical Community" and the texts we have written about you, Torben Søndergaard and TheLastReformation.com? Can we proclaim to be a group connected to your work as a free christian organization or mission?

13 - What shall we do, how to react if people don't like us because they only believe that their religion or institution, Catholic or Protestant, Jehova's Witnesses or Hiduism Buddhism Islam etc. is the only truth and we have to be wrong therefore?

We would love to invite you and your group and friends to Leipzig or Berlin to visit our houses or flats whenever you like to come and to stay as long as you wish to stay - so that we can be active together for Jesus Christ, God and the Holy Spirit.

Monday, 2013-7-1, 13:15-15:55 Berlin time

Answers by Torben Søndergaard given 2013-7-2, 12:00-13:20 and recorded on mp3 - will be published here soon!

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