Ultimate Plan



Ultimate Plan
Drafts - Ideas - To Do


♡ Listen to Pierre Boulez – Répons ♡♡♡ ♡ ♡♡♡

Our Intention

• Reach everyone - win staff members - construct 1 floating home/month and duplicate it on the roof 2n; n is Element of N from 0-36 - 1 duplication/month on each ship - 8 billion in 36 months - build autarkic space ships - save all cultures - Torgau Elbe North Sea Ocean etc.

Is Global Warming Real

... proof - consequences

Who could help

• Politicians scientists experts volunteers stars everyone you and me - Examples: Pope Dalai Lama Obama DiCaprio McPherson ...
Proof nobody will help if we don't - build the floating homes


• Habits - drive - fear - relationships - violence - law justice - money cryptocurrency - internet computer phone - communication - contracts - work - education ministries - care - 5 conditioned people and prisoners - spirit

• SP PH wealth health X WL fun image fame power/might skill beauty

Leaders - Role Models

Guy McPherson - Elon Musk - Leonardo DiCaprio - Al Gore - Barack Obama - Sauli Niinistö, President of Finland - ... - Pope - Dalai Lama - ... - Terasof - ... - more coming soon :-)

Ultimate Plan

♡ Listen to Pierre Boulez – Répons ♡♡♡ ♡ ♡♡♡

• We need to build an autarkic commune/community for everyone to participate (Program) - and understand this as the prior goal
• Without spirit, building a community for everyone will not work - so first agree in this and work it out
We need to be able to respect everyone - avoid violence and support everyones freedom - find nonviolent alternatives for punishment and sentence, prison etc. - define the least possible amount of force and harm to control crime
• Present why we need to act only in this way - global warming and all consequences
• Now present and understand the whole plan (Program) - 10 steps towards the autarkic living ship - how to reach everyone, and then build ships (64 modules) and be able to live together on spirit basis

Why I don't care about 'Climate Change' | David Saddington | TEDxTeen - YT 13:10 min - davidsaddington.co.uk - TW 1.9K ♡♡♡


Listen to Éclat - Pierre Boulez ♡♡♡
Simon Rattle on Pierre Boulez
Pierre Boulez - Emotion and Analysis, Documentary with English subtitles ♡♡♡ ♡ ♡♡♡

7 • Only communes can survive - we can only decide now if we want it violent or peaceful, because in a short while only violence remains - to create and maintain them peaceful needs spirit - therefore we offer the ultimate plan (UP) now - and 10 steps towards the own autarkic built and maintained living ship/floating home (64 modules) - being continued by building autarkic space ships
6 • We have to take everything of value with us - culture, achievements, technology, government and ministries, plants, animals etc.
5 • Living on the continents becomes impossible - we may only have a chance to survive on autarkic living ships/floating homes on the ocean (Ship) - or even only in space ships

4 • The collaps takes just a few days or weeks - and may start this year (it is now 2018-6-8 Leipzig 23:42), latest next year (2019) - last human on earth 2025 - Guy McPherson YT 3:27 min - Edge of Extinction: This is Probably It. - 1.75ºC September 2018 - YT 2:27 min
3 • Our last chance to avoid all that may only be to stop immediately emitting carbon by switching over to alternative clean energies and an autarkic vegan and zero waste lifestyle (Why I live a zero waste life | Lauren Singer | TEDxTeen - YT 13:30 min - WS), keeping our money only in clean banks, insurances and assets (What One Person Can Do About Climate Change | Ella Lagé | TEDxHamburg - YT 15:40 min - WS) - but unfortunately chances are nearly/exactly none, measured by all experiences of the last decades - therefore a total collaps of civilization and life on earth is most likely the only remaining and very sad consequence
2Consequences: poles and glaciers melt - rivers, lakes and ground water dry up - earth becomes a desert - no plants grow, no food - ocean currents stop moving - fishes die - animals die - world inflation, money, gold, properties and all assets lose their value, no payments, no governments, armees, police, possess, insurance - no munition weapons - sea level will rise up to 83 m, flooding all main cities YT 2:44 min - hunger, no workers, no water, petrol, gas, electricity, cars, fuel motor ships, planes - all remaining cities become lifeless deserts - no water, physicians, medicine - epidemics - human eats human - CH4 and CO2 rise in the oceans and in the air and may explode (about 10.000 times greater than the total nuclear stockpile) - 50 m carbon will fall from the sky all over the earth's surface YT 5:55 min - recovery takes about 15-30 million years WP
1GW exists ( Climate Change Explained - YT 5:49 min - based on the main article on New York Times - The Brutal Logic of Climate Change by Dr Aaron Thierry - YT 1:17:47 min - 28:20 CH4 and CO2 emission accelerating - increasing record global temerature above 0º C every year since 1970 (2000) - WP - answer each point with "yes" or "no"

Funny :-)
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Drafts - Ideas - To Do

• Bestätigung Energie Geld Anerkennung Ruhm treibt voran und täuscht
• Stadtleben autark idealisieren und gleichzeitig Landleben und SH und SS Planung ♡♡♡
CB ist W - immer Ausgleich schaffen um körperl. + geist. Spannungen zu meiden - SP an alle als grundlegende, aber freiwillige Auflage (- d.h. Akzeptanz, Duldung oder Wertschätzung reicht aus)
Perfektion in allem ist Standard und Maßstab
GR Aufbau nach CKs und Reinheit + Disziplin, Verantwortung, L + SP
• Beschreibung der Gesellschaft nach CKs (CW Entwicklungspyramide)
• Bereits bestehende Mängel-Liste die wegen GW voraussichtlich ständig anwächst, bis zu allen möglichen Ausfällen und Alternativen
• Immer flexibel nach allen IVs LIs und Mitteln

PG Wasm HTML CSS JS Coffeescript Coffeecup SASS ASM C C++ Python GNU/Linux Tor/Tail Arduino Raspberry Pi etc. - World Data (295 EB = exabytes measured in 2007 - exa means x 10006, or x 1,000,000 TB or 295 with 18 zeroes - by 2007, 94% of the world's info was digital)
SH - AT (- Wohnmobil) - Yachtschein - SH-Werft oder Kauf

• Leipzig Berlin AD TS SH PRG - CK Einteilung - CB SP
FO P SP + Kids
FI CP II Börse Bank Versicherung Kredite BKs
• MG O HV + Erledigungen Glas-Versicherung etc. VE
• Zahlungen: Anwalt 500 € Andrea 70 Essen 30 Tel 20 Essen Mai Ende - Klärung warum nicht Anfang des Monats
• Auto elektrisch Kauf - Abwasser Keller - Mietausfall 500 €


Edge of Extinction: How Long Do We Have? - Guy McPherson 2018-4-12 - YT
The Brutal Logic of Climate Change - 20:00 dry land, 30% of grain faded 21:30 snow leaves mountains, California lakes dried out - 22:25 affect on all california fruits, veggies and nuts, map - 24:00 food price caused by drought, Syria etc., led to civil war - 28:00 price list climate change additional increase - 29:15 food aid - connections political and food etc. - 31:00 desease change, zica and virusses - 32:00 flood, wild fire, storms - everything much faster than expected - 36:00 Greenland and Antarctica rise sea level - Alaska 1941and 2004, Argentina etc. glaciers melting, no water - many affected places shown, cities flooded, corals dying 46:00 How to stop this: risk diagrams, changing projections, 2ºC not safe - 49:30 CO2 bathtub, must reduce quickly - many quotations - fossil fuels can't be used anymore - negative plans of oil companies 55:15 climate change denyers list and plans - 57:30 future is what we chose now - 58:10 solutions: we have the technology, wind solar etc. or reduce usage - extraction combustion consumption - 1:02:00 equity combustion by countries - Oxfam list 10% richest responsible for 50% of consumption, poorest 50% only consuming 10% CO2 - 1:04:00 How to make progress: contra arguments - 1 scientists haven't warned 2 democracy short term 3 no tech alternatives 4 economy doesn't cost harm 5 too lazy changing habits 6 law 7 culture encourages consumerism - book: the seven dimensions of climate change, introducing a new way to think, talk and act by Dr. Jonathan Rowson and Dr. Adam Corner 2015 - more books etc. - 1:15:40 GW 1 not bothered 2 midly concerned 3 concerned 4 very concerned 5 alarmed > 1 inform yourself and teach others 2 reduce your carbon footprint 3 increase political or group footprint - YT
Why I don't care about 'Climate Change' | David Saddington | TEDxTeen - YT
Climate Change Explained inspired by New York Times article - YT
Portrait des Schweizer Klimaforschers Prof. Dr. Thomas Stocker - YT


• (coming soon)


Canvas tutorial - MDN


See the Pen Crazy 4 by Louis Hoebregts (@Mamboleoo) on CodePen.


Edge of Extinction: How Long Do We Have? - Guy McPherson 2018-4-12 - YT
Finnish President Sauli Niinistö with Paul Auster trashing Donald Trump and USA - YT
Why Denmark is the Happiest Country - YT
Living Danishly: inspiring ideas from the world's happiest country - 21:00 becoming personal - no politeness but honesty, don't say what you don't mean because they take it serious and follow - eat together at home etc. 27:00 design - pride - flag - not religious but celebration days and rituals kept for partying - YT
10 things you need to know when visiting Denmark - YT
Shit danish people say.. to foreigners
5 ways to piss off a danish person - YT
eacting to American video about Denmark - YT
I speak danish - YT
Surprising Facts About Denmark - YT


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• Session 2 • Mon 2018-4-23 Leipzig 21:00-23:00 WR Ultimate Plan ♡♡♡

• Session 3 • Fri 2018-6-8 Leipzig 22:45-3:50 WR Decisions ♡♡♡


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