Terasof Book 9


♡ Terasof Book 9 ♡


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Keys of (the) Pure Immaculate Mysticism

by God Sof and Feroniba

English translations started by Ayven ♡

♡ Listen to Stylusphere ♡ Music composed by Feroniba & Sof ♡


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Chapter 1 - Across the river of limitation - the 17th key

Deutscher Originaltext

♡♡♡ We want to thank Ayven very much indeed for this wonderful English translation - well done! ♡♡♡

MD 40 (M 15) - 2015-10-23 London 7:28-8:23 ♡♡♡
G: Good morning, my dear Feroniba ♡ I am very proud of you. We are all very glad that you are holding faith with love with all of your being. Bravo! ♡♡♡ Bravo, Bravo! Today I speak very directly to you and hold nothing back: You've left all obstacles and hurdles behind you - no one can touch you now. Peoples conduct towards you solely reflects their actions - those who feast on the fountain of materially contingent short-lived joys and desires will, according to the degree of their attachment and dependency, react by being reluctant and withdrawn towards us. Since he or she finds no confirmation and support for their abjection and degradation of their own all-lovingness and omnipotence and falsely believes, in the short or long-term, to perceive and understand their permanent loss of strength and sensibility as an advantage or gain, he or she will experience and feel our mere presence - indeed even the least reminder of us - as fundamentally disruptive. Now you see it clearly: so far there is no one in your environment or circle of acquaintances who wholeheartedly opens themselves for us with their whole being. A constant back and forth, a permanent opening and then closing towards (for) the blessing-power.
And now you also see the plan which we have carefully prepared for you: Everyone is nourished by us, knowingly or unknowingly, without exception - limited power is nourished by unlimited power or at least less limited power - and powerlessness, decay and death require omnipotence and life - and this you own, my dear Feroniba, our beloved prophet, and this we own without limitation.

And here, dear Feroniba, lies buried the 17th key, the 8 (1 + 7), omnipotence and infinity (horizontal 8), for fickle hearts: The impure falls to the thorns of the sleeping beauty - only the pure, Arthur, pulls the sword from the rock, and Moses reaches Gods direct word and appearance and receives the almighty staff. The historians then bring about the downfall of both, just as the mob is ever trying, with all their might, to turn the gallant and noble into the profane, even if only fictitiously so.

The crossing of this river of impure spirits is now necessary - better yet going over it, by means of a boat, a bridge, sincere helpers, or directly through the omnipotence and all-lovingness of the divinity, the angels and the masters. Here we now stand by you since you no longer close yourself to the blessing-power and therefor no longer open yourself to the material sphere. You have our blessing in full abundance - now forever hold it through the commandments, and we now take you back to us, to the other side of the river of tears and woes of the beings limited in illusion. Come, let us go now. (G takes FO by the hand and floats (hovers) across the river with him and all the angels and masters. ♡♡♡ Having reached the other bank, FO bows before God, angels and masters, kisses their feet and hands and embraces them all in perfected love from the bottom of his heart ♡♡♡) End 8:53 AN Offer to read the handwriting :-) - B + F Kids Kish Kita 1. Vortag 9:30-10:30, then playground Sandy Lane birthday cake and games :-) ♡ + MO SO S, 12:45 WR M 15 ♡ 13:45 color + formatting ♡♡♡ 14:05 pic ♡♡♡ 14:40-14:55 WA TS AY 16:05-17:20 Correction + R ♡

Chapter 2 - Perfection

Deutscher Originaltext

♡♡♡ We want to thank Ayven very much indeed for this wonderful English translation - well done! ♡♡♡

MD 42 (M 16) - 2015-10-24 London 12:32-14:46 ♡♡♡
G: Hello my dear Feroniba ♡♡♡ Today just you and I will speak. What I want from you now: Begin the day with MD like today. We will keep it short. I will speak on public subjects later. Then begin CM and maintain the MD state as far as possible - technical passages can be excepted (meaning without concentration on the MD state) We will deliver all content to you, just as we do and always have done with all major creators. All ideas and ideals bare witness to the source.

Now we write M 16 - (End page 161) Perfection. Today I speak of myself, the eternally perfected origin of all being. In truth we are all eternal persons, unrestricted and perfect, free from all scarcity of this (material) world. You, my dear Feroniba, had already realised this before your incarnation (birth) - therefore I was able to appear to you, and you able to recognize me as God, when you were 18 (1980). That night we traveled to paradise. Today you can recognize and understand all this deeply. We sent you on a journey to Gabriel/e, your master/mistress (1986) and taught you everything. You were ready to begin your mission at 33 (1995) We sent you (the angel) Amadeus (8.3.2001), and on the 8.9.2003 (41 years of age) I appeared to you again as you (mysticism-)master Sof, punctually at the hour of your birth (born on the 8.9.1962 ca. 9:50h in Hamburg) in Berlin. We revealed Gabriel(e)s identity to you (2014), and eventually I revealed myself to you as God Sof ♡♡♡ (Sat 22.8.2015 London 13:47). Since then we continue to write the Terasof book together for the world (Volume (end page 162) 6 to currently 9). Today we write the 2nd chapter of the 9th volume. ♡♡♡

Terasof Book 1-4 Book 5 here soon Book 6 Book 7 Book 8 Book 9 Book 10

Put all volumes online now, for the whole world to read ♡♡♡ Each book is a jewel ♡♡♡ - and you are the goldsmith ♡♡♡
(13:54) Now we continue to write - about me ♡♡♡: (13:55) All beings know me already - without beginning and without end - since infinite time ♡♡♡ I am love and the source of all being ♡♡♡ Today you can see me as I am, in all my abundance, unlimited, multi-dimensional and omnipresent. You can once again move and engross yourself freely in (and with) me and all infinite souls - There is no more limitation, just as there is no separation from me in all the experiences to be made within infinite and unlimited dimensions. A limitation through the material sphere is now no longer existent for your reawakened soul-personality - nevertheless for your (the) mind and your (the) body. (End page 163) These limitations are irrelevant to you, since you are from here on out solely active within your soul-personality, mind and body serving you in this with ease and perfection. Are you now - and thereby - fully satisfied?
FO: (14:19) My dear Sof - I would like to again address you this way from now on: Yes, that I am, absolutely. ♡♡♡

G: You can terminate your celibacy now if you like - we only required it up to this point. Sexuality can serve your mind and body like eating, sleeping, bathing, sports, relaxation, art, philosophy, science, meditation etc., but celibacy can also serve you, just as all relinquishment can, such as fasting, abdication or reduction of sleep, relaxation etc. We ask you to continue keeping all other commandments, unless we recommend and explain it differently. Do you have questions?
FO: (14:31) I can understand all that was said and gladly accept it the way you said it today. I would like to hear your personal counsel for me, as specific and thorough as possible.
G: Your over-all attitude is perfect as it is. I send you an image (G now shows FO everything he wants to tell/show him in a multidimensional image - every single topic in detail, for example CM specifically like this, MD like this, PR like this etc. All details to all topics ♡♡♡). Now you know and have everything in perfection which you will need from here on out. We always are and stay with you from now on. You never have to worry again, since we will from now on provide you with everything you need in the highest perfection. - Just as you have always wished for ♡♡♡ In our all-lovingness and omnipotence, your Sof and Co. ♡♡♡ (right hand with seven rays and smiley with seven rays) Our love is now always with you ♡♡♡ Worries Adieu - joys hello ♡♡♡ forever ♡♡♡ Sof waves and floats away for FO to concentrate on the next upcoming tasks: Kids, AN, VE, TS eV and IDL eG member (end page 165) and friends etc., CM, E, B etc. etc. ♡♡♡) Dear greetings from the heart from your FO to all ♡♡♡ End 14:46-16:12 - WR M 16 ♡♡♡

(16:12) FO: Dear Sof, I do have a remaining question concerning celibacy: I would prefer to keep it after all the wonderful MDs and experiences with you 24/7. What do you think of that?
SF: This you can do. But from now on it won't help you deepen MD or better your focus on me and us etc. Celibacy can accompany you always from here on out, just as you abdicate from sleep when you are fulfilled by CM. It's just not a 'must' any longer, not a 'should', not a rule, and will really no longer be of advantage to you. What is also important for us to mention at this point: This applies to all humans. Celibacy in connection with spiritual sincerity is only at times necessary or advantageous, but not a practice which is ever considered natural or the life-long practice of which is necessary for the pure God-oriented life. Shortly the religious organizations of the world will also accept and practice this.
FO: What do you say to homosexuality, polygamy, socially sexual extremes etc.?
SF: There are no restrictions in love and spirituality (in this material world), or in any other thing or practice, unless they contradict the principles of love. Love and freedom eternally belong to one another, nothing or no one can ever separate them. Love connects the hearts and souls of all beings - only the abandonment or reduction of the blessing-power restricts this and creates problems. Where love rules, restriction must yield - sorrow cannot manifest in perfect love - never ♡♡♡ - Til later, bye ♡♡♡
(FO hugs and kisses Sof, who again retreats, floating away ♡♡♡) End 16:35 color + formatting ♡♡♡

* * * * * * *

MD 43 - 2015-10-25 London directly following the formatting 0:40-1:15
FO: Dear Sof, my dear God, your speech about the dissolution of celibacy for me and for the world preoccupies me very much and makes me sad. I was always sure that you and Amadeus are serious about it (celibacy) and the 10 commandments (book 7 chapter 6) and that celibacy was an important foundation of disengagement and therefor of the practice of pure love towards everything. I now think that your speech was (maybe) a test, or rather that it will put my life on a different track - in short: that I will then no longer be able to perform the greatest good for you and the world. I would like it best if you told me it was just a test or diplomacy for a specific cause which you explain to me. I was happy with you and celibacy and now I'm sad (FO has tears (end page168) in his eyes).
G: Feroniba, you know that I always fully feel and understand you and everyone. You were sad because of Jesus Christ (Joseph Atwill), but that's behind you now. You are happy with us - and if the world refutes all religions for you, you will stay happy with us. You accept sexuality as a means to the highest good - as relaxation for mind and body you're also not indisposed - but in your mission as our prophet for the world it makes you sad. Now see why:

Do you believe the world would be unable to follow us through you? Would you reject a prophet over sexual candour? No. People who want to follow you see your openness - when you open yourself to sexuality again - and have an easier time following you. If you live in celibacy they think they should sooner or later do the same - they stay skeptical, even (end page 169) when I or you tell them that it's not categorically necessary. There is no need to burden the public with it If you want to refrain from sexuality privately - do what you want, but don't cause anyone insecurity (distress) through it. Now you (FO is happy and smirking again ♡♡♡) can see why we first demanded celibacy and now dissolved it again. If we hadn't demanded it you wouldn't have trusted us and we wouldn't have now arrived at the other bank of the river. The world won't really be happy to follow us If we don't officially and publicly release you from celibacy now. And: Whomever wants to practice celibacy, for whatever reasons and for however long, can do it - who cares. We just don't have to burden the world with it. Do you agree with me now?
FO: My (end page 170) beloved God, dear Sof (FO is endlessly happy ♡♡♡), you are a genius ♡♡♡ You are time and time again the most wonderful thing of all ♡♡♡ I now understand, for the first time in my life, the love and logic in this, too. ♡♡♡ You have me completely on your side again ♡♡♡ Thank you my dear God Sof ♡♡♡ I am still inclined towards celibacy and the 24/7 exchange with you without communion with pro-lust people, always with the willingness to use sexuality for a higher cause when I can understand it - but you have succeeded in correcting me today on a big subject which I have never seen as such and in which I have been making a seemingly subtle but nevertheless very far-reaching error. For this I thank you very much. (FO kisses Gs feet and hugs them) ♡♡♡ Do you want to give me further corrections (end page 171)? Or something else?
G: From this you can learn that it's similar whenever you are for or against something. Leave the tendencies up to everyone, fully individually - have yours and don't boast with them, don't look for tendency-fans - but be our prophet - live love - and maintain order. This requires all your noble qualities and individual tendencies. Let us finish for now. Good night my dear ♡♡♡ On this occasion: Are you happy that I always love you? Would it disturb you if I loved you but had different tendencies? You see, it's love that counts, not tendencies. Your God Sof ♡♡♡
(FO is deeply touched and embraces Sof ♡♡♡) FO: How stupid can one be sometimes! (End page 172) Luckily God is never stupid ♡♡♡ All the best, your once again a little smarter FO ♡♡♡ End 1:15 WR online ♡♡♡ 2:13 color + formatting + links :-) 3:50 pics 4:30-5:30 WA + proofreading + links ♡♡♡

FO: (5:30): 2 more:
1. It pleases me allot that God Sof has here once again proven that FO (meaning me :-) could not have invented this :-) Well, I know one can see that it's really God Sof and not FO speaking in every sentence... And whomever doesn't want to see it will always find an excuse :-) That's just how friendly God always is with everyone. :-)

2. The subject of abstinence is a horror-subject for every beginning aspirant - especially when it comes to the subject of sexuality. I have preached my whole life, explained all religious scriptures from front to back within group work - and I've always searched for a solution, a (end page 173) good one, but never did I find it, not even close. And now God Sof: Just do away with celibacy! God! God himself! That's incredible! impossible! Outrageous :-)) Wooooowww!!! :-) End 5:43 incl. color + formatting :-)

Chapter 3 - The new first commandment - diplomacy, retreat and works

Deutscher Originaltext

♡♡♡ We want to thank Ayven very much indeed for this wonderful English translation - well done! ♡♡♡

Listen to Hilary Hahn - Mozart - Violin Concerto No 3 in G major, K 216 ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

and to the same concerto with ANNE-SOPHIE MUTTER ~ Mozart Violin Concerto # 3 in G major - Camerata Salzburg ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

Which one is your favorite - why? :-) Have fun!

MD 44 (M 17) - 2015-10-25 London 12:15-13:39 ♡♡♡
FO: My dear Sof, I think the TBs (TB's) are great as they are and require no censoring, unless someone asks for it or for legal reason concerning the protection of individual persons, institutions, states etc. The job of prophet, not unlike that of a politician or doctor, lawyer or psychologist, producer etc. requires diplomacy in order to keep and protect secrets. That this diplomacy extends to and includes the mystic, the healer, the family, the friends and the company etc. has, through the celibacy-affair of the last chapter (TB 9.2), been revealed for outsiders as well as members and the initiated and been made crystal clear - for all the world. So far I personally find it to be unproblematic and would leave TB 1-9 as they are. What do you want to say to this?
SF: (12:30) Hello Feroniba, I am very happy to be able to greet you again today :-) ♡♡♡ I agree with you - we're a well practiced team. ♡ Diplomacy as a means in use through us, God, angels, masters and you our prophet is unfortunately a firm and often necessary component of the whole (prophet-) gig :-) Excepted are the truly initiated and those disciples and aspirants who are truly reformed (gefestigt und verwirklicht) in pure immaculate love and mysticism. What I now want from you for a certain time:

We will be brief from now on. The analysis of the truth of God is unlimited. We are not here (in TS and privately, FO and G SF etc.) to discuss it with all the world - no, but exclusively to manifest the unlimited in (seeming) limitation (matter, energy, time, body, mind, secret of the trade etc.) (At this point FO would like to quote the initiate Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Faust II end, and SF approves with a friendly loving gesture ♡♡♡)

CHORUS MYSTICUS (English translation by Ayven):

Everything transitory
is only an allegory;
what can not be achieved
here comes to pass;
what can not be described,
here it is done;
the Eternal Feminine
draws us aloft.

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

The Mystic Choir (translation by A. S. Kline)

All of the transient,
Is parable, only:
The insufficient,
Here, grows to reality:
The indescribable,
Here, is done:
Woman, eternal,
Beckons us on.

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

CHORUS MYSTICUS (German original):

Alles Vergängliche
Ist nur ein Gleichnis;
Das Unzulängliche,
Hier wird's Ereignis;
Das Unbeschreibliche,
Hier ist's getan;
Das Ewig-Weibliche
Zieht uns hinan.

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡


G: From now on we will no longer speak in keys. Mysticism and the realm of God cannot be counted - they are eternal and unlimited for all times - though the mystic 101 was useful for the purpose of getting started, we now refrain from it. For this I give you a new commandment instead of the (old) first one - it reads:

Feroniba is our prophet of the pure immaculate mysticism for the world in order to teach it (mysticism and the world), initiate it and to lead it to the perfection of its soul-personality - he has our full blessing and our full confidence and trust and deserves the trust of the whole world. (13:27 ♡♡♡)

We now retreat for a while and manifest the upcoming works of the pure immaculate mysticism with the TS-GR and the fans in London, Leipzig, Berlin and in the whole world in love and perfection. ♡♡♡

My blessing to all (right hand with seven rays) Adieu ♡♡♡ End 13:39 ♡♡♡

Hear ANNE SOPHIE-MUTTER - Mozart Violin Concerto # 5 ~ Camerata Salzburg ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ Oh my God!!!

13:39 (WR TB 9.3 ♡♡♡) HH + PE Kids + AN + Bridie, Job-offer land nursery bio-shop etc. ♡ 14:40 Kids under AN supervision in FOs room + WR TB 9.3 + Links completed ♡♡♡ Woooowww!!! 16:05 color + formatting 19:15-19:20 WA TS + AY :-) ♡♡♡

Chapter 4 - Manifestation of absoluteness - further commandments 11-20

Deutscher Originaltext

♡♡♡ We want to thank Ayven very much indeed for this wonderful English translation - well done! ♡♡♡

Listen to Mozart: Piano concerto no. 27 in B flat major, KV 595 - Maria João Pires: piano - Chamber Orchestra of Europe - Trevor Pinnock ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

Maria Joao Pires - expecting another Mozart concerto during a lunchconcert in Amsterdam

MD 46 (M 18) - Mon 2015-10-26 London 14:00-15:47 ♡♡♡
FO: Hello my dear Sof ♡♡♡ It was soooo wonderful to R (read) and put TB 1-5 online yesterday ♡♡♡ I'm reading our conversations for the first time - knowing that I've spoken with God ♡♡♡ Now it's clear to me why you've been so wonderful - always ♡♡♡ - and why AM criticized you and said he's against you or that you're not real ♡ He was thereby showing that there's still something to clear up with you, this only being that he always saw that you're G, but still hidden in identity for me back then - wow!!! ♡♡♡

SF: Hello my dear ♡ The (material) world is (only) a big playground for the experience of limitation and deception. Now we stop playing and manifest absoluteness ♡♡♡ The limited players view it also as just one of many other limited games, as long as we observe their rules of the game. ♡♡♡ This is what the world taught you - now we teach back, just unlimited ♡♡♡ We've now taught you everything necessary for this - now it can get going ♡♡♡ Do you want this - 'playing' unlimited for the limited (that's how they see it)?
FO: We can gladly do that, yes - why not. ♡ You've made me a prophet for this, not me :-) I would prefer to be a composer and author. But we've been over that often - with GB(e), with AM, with you (SF 2003 till today ♡♡♡). I've learned to do everything with equal gladness, authenticity and unlimited perfected joy from you ♡♡♡ nonetheless there is always the N (being, nature), like celibacy - I'd rather compose, art WR (write) - plays, novels, poems and lyrics etc., and symphonies, violin concertos, chamber music and A Capella choir, also Jazz, Rock, Dance etc., all gladly ♡
SF: We would like you as our prophet for the whole world nonetheless - you can still do everything else, you have our full support on all levels with this.
FO: Yes, I know ♡♡♡ That's why I've always been your servant - because I know that only you are truly on my side and most importantly that what I require for my N (being, nature) can only be delivered by you and no one else ♡♡♡ That's why I gladly remain your servant, also as prophet if you want ♡
SF: Yes, this we want.

(Listen to Hélène Grimaud Chopin Ballade No1 In G Minor ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡)

For this I now give you a few instructions (assignments):

Commandments 11-20 >>> Commandments 1-10 here

11. Implement everything which I (SF) and AM, GB etc. (and other angels and masters) have already told you - everything, par for par (FO will shortly create a list thereto).

12. Accept all wishes of the people and fulfill them for them - you make the rules - we make it possible (delivery) - those who brake the rules receive the consequences you decide.

13. Everyone can speak to me (through FOs channeling) - directly - I will always be on-hand.

14. You can live any conceivable freedom, in mutual love and consideration - always respect the rules of the game for this :-) (the respective state law).

15. London is good - other places are better - figure them out and live there.

16. Always keep all commandments - this also always applies to the whole GR.

17. Always personally help everyone who asks you for it - prepare yourself for this (place time etc.).

18. Always endow the world with the highest efficiency.

19. Arrange an altar again - with all sanctuaries of the world ♡♡♡

20. I will be holding long public lectures and conferences with you and through you and the GR - prepare for this.

(Listen to Beethoven - Piano Sonata Nr 31 - Hélène Grimaud ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡)

Are you ready?
FO: Of course I'm ready - you always know everything :-) ♡♡♡
SF: Yes, this is always the case - and now it becomes manifest through our 20 commandments. Do you have further wishes, questions, concerns, problems etc. - this also counts for the whole GR (everyone is likewise invited with their wishes etc.).
FO: No, my dear and infinitely loved God Sof ♡♡♡ You have always fulfilled all of them for me and you also do it for everyone else - only that they cannot yet see or believe it, but not for long. :-)

♡♡♡ I ♡♡♡ U ♡♡♡

SF: Every human lives their limitation - you and every true initiate can always specifically recognize this in all details. Now we turn the tables - so that the people can recognize our absoluteness in spite of their limitation. Only this is the meaning of God, angel, master and prophet - all else always - at all times - turns out to be invalid sooner or later. What we own and always give away to everyone is love - what we receive (preserve, maintain) is love - and what eternally remains is love, God, angels, masters - for all time - in all places ♡♡♡

Aum, Om, Amen ♡♡♡

I bless you and the GR and the world with infinite strength ♡♡♡ (right hand with 7 rays) (smiley with 7 rays) In love, your God Sof ♡♡♡ End 15:46

FO bows before G SFs feet, holds his hands and embraces him ♡♡♡ End 15:47 (Written in the car in front of the playground at Henrys while AN MO SO play and GA is with Henry) 16:10 T R VE TB 9.4 ♡♡♡ + F + R AN ♡ 18:30 WR TB9.4 ♡♡♡ 19:55 color + formatting + pic ♡♡♡ 21:25-23:10 proofreading + formatting ♡♡♡
* * * * * * *

MD 48 - Tue 2015-10-27 London 11:56-12:19
FO: My beloved G SF, I greet you and the universe of your eternally perfected manifestations. ♡♡♡ Having reached you again I am back home ♡♡♡ without constraint - without wishes ♡♡♡ Thank you for our first PE (personal exchange) (on the basis of C (commandment) 13) - I went right ahead and made use of the offer you made yesterday ♡♡♡ Wow! And nothing written down :-) That's how it should be, totally P (private), just you and me ♡♡♡ Wonderful ♡♡♡
SF: Hello my dear Feroniba - we greet you back ♡♡♡ Let's begin with the CMs (compositions) ♡♡♡ We retreat and remain with the most loving greetings and 20 Cs (commandments) for the whole world - your G SO, FO & Co. ♡♡♡
FO: (goes to CM with SF & Co and says :) see you soon ♡♡♡ (right hand with 7 rays) :-) End 12:19 ♡♡♡ CM 25 = 1. CM 9-Ton-System ♡♡♡ 7 Ideas 44 bars ♡♡♡ End 17:40 --- 18:30-19:05 E + WR MD 48 + color + formatting + links :-) ♡

Chapter 5 - ♡♡♡ Messiah ♡♡♡

Deutscher Originaltext

♡♡♡ We want to thank Ayven very much indeed for this wonderful English translation - well done! ♡♡♡

Listen to Mozart concerto 26 (Coronation) - 1. Allegro (1/2) (Gulda) ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ - 1. Allegro (2/2) - 2. Larghetto - 3. Allegretto

MD 50 (M19) - Wed 2015-10-28 London 15:40-18:10 ♡♡♡ (FO sitting in the sun on VE desk ♡♡♡ (15:44) 2 photos ♡♡♡ coming soon :-)

SF: (15:49) Hello Feroniba ♡♡♡ Greetings from ubiquity ♡♡♡ (right hand with 7 rays) (FO has been having strong multidimensional visions since AM 8 and can often not fall asleep because it's so great and fascinating ♡♡♡) We congratulate you on your first 44 bars (piano CM ♡♡♡) ♡♡♡ You're doing it perfectly ♡♡♡ Today we grant you (15:53) all liberties again - not as a style, but as a possibility of expression ♡♡♡ Such abundance ♡♡♡ Infinity greets you from heart to heart ♡♡♡ Your art is also prophetic - directly from eternity ♡♡♡ What I want from you now:

Put your complete works online - on YT and TS ♡♡♡

Now you see what we have been teaching you for all the years of your life and your incarnation: Content through fusion of the three media (image sound lyric) with God - multidimensional - (the sun is still full - about to set behind the roof-horizon ♡♡♡ photos coming soon :-) ♡) And the life of all-lovingness as prophet ♡ (16:20-21 ♡♡♡) Now you are - on the horizon of all your initiations and incarnations - and we hand you the crown of creation as a symbol for the whole world:

♡♡♡ Feroniba Messiah ♡♡♡
- (16:30-31 ♡♡♡)

Everyone can be a Messiah, it is a commission, a title.
The legend of the incarnate God come forth from the virgin is distorted.
I am God Sof, and I speak with my prophets - all of them - at all times.

Everyone can be my prophet - everyone ♡♡♡

That is the truth, my dear beloved Feroniba - now go and gift it to all. ♡♡♡ And bring us 64 true prophets - at least :-) - and very soon ♡♡♡

Terasof (16:42 ♡♡♡ = 13 = 4, 16 = 7 ♡♡♡ elucidate later ♡) is your crown - from us for the world. It symbolizes the 7 forces of the universe ♡ T e r a s o f - 7 letters - 7 vessels - 7 sources - 7 persons. Explain this here. (homework for FO ♡♡♡)


(English translation)

All want to be messiahs
And do the glorious living
Think themselves to good for love
So it will naught be given

Just he who loves the world as whole
day in, day out - forever
gets omnipotence that he gives
the worlds primordial tremor

How small the world is after all
(ever) impure and impolite
How vast is then the firmament
Almighty paradise

Light's what prophets are
Bye-bye darkness since
No more broken hearts
Love-games dalliance


Ein jeder will Messiah sein
Und von dem Ruhm schon leben
Der (Für) Liebe ist er sich zu fein
So (Ihm) wird sie nicht gegeben

Nur wer die Welt als Ganzes liebt (Ende Seite 187)
Tagein, tagaus - für immer
Empfängt die Allmacht die er gibt
Dem Welten-Urgewimmer
(AN GA MO SO kommen vom Spielplatz zurück und besuchen FO beim WR ♡♡♡)

Wie klein ist doch die Welt
(Stets) Unrein, grob und fies
Wie groß das Himmelszelt
Allmachts Paradies

Propheten sind das Licht
Dunkelheit bye-bye
Und kein Herz mehr bricht
Liebesspielerei ♡♡♡

(17:51) Messiah is the title. How do you like it?
FO: :-) Love it ♡ small and nice - a little cheeky, a little fresh, not to gloomy - but no Goethe or Schiller yet :-)

G: I want to ask you another question: What can I do for you?
FO: Appear and reveal yourself to all who wish it from you sincerely and with all due diligence.
G: That I do - you know it. Speak on - ask me for something :-)
FO: You know what I want :-) I don't want sex etc. - no kama - only moksha, mysticism, perfected ecstasy - and this you deliver 24/7 - so what more should I ask for? Okay let us spread it to all the world faster ♡♡♡ Yes, that - Speed, infinitely fast, instantly (German sofort, Sof-Ort, wordplay on Sof and Place (Ort)) :-) ♡♡♡
G: Therefor (TB) 9.5 ♡♡♡
Now go and write (the MD online ♡♡♡) ♡

Adieu and fare-well to all ♡♡♡
Your benevolent God Sof ♡♡♡ (right hand with 7 rays)
(FO hugs G and goes to WR ♡♡♡)

End 18:05 (1 = God 8 = omnipotence 0 = (material) unmanifested God 5 = perfected enlightened human 18 = 9 = G in all abundance and (materially ideal) manifestation 9 + 5 = Sum 14 = God Sof 4 = numeric value sum of letters Sof 1 + 4 = 5 ♡♡♡) End 18:09-10 (FO sees the shift ♡♡♡) 18:10 start WR tb.9.5 pics + links 19:15 WR tb 9.5 ♡♡♡ completed ♡ 20:25-21:35 color + formatting :-) 21:35 WA TS AY :-) 21:55-22:35 proofreading :-) completed

Chapter 6 - Meditation - Everyone is invited ♡♡♡

Deutscher Originaltext

♡♡♡ We want to thank Ayven very much indeed for this wonderful English translation - well done! ♡♡♡

Listen to Brian Eno & Harold Budd - The Pearl ♡♡♡ ♡ ♡♡♡

MD 51 (M 20) - Wednesday late night (so actually Thu morning :-) 2015-10-29 London 2:40-2:55 ♡
SF: An untruth does not become true through validation and promotion - and you cannot be rid of a truth through criticism, bad-mouthing or ignoring - what remains is, one way or the other, the truth. Good night Feroniba ♡ (FO hugs SF ♡♡♡) End 2:55

* * * * * * *

MD 52 (M 20) - Thu 2015-10-29 London 11:30-12:27
FO recognizes the importance of the 2 daily MDs for (the realization of) all projects, PR CM GR TB Kids O etc. ♡ Without the daily MDs with G and the infinite depth as a result, everything would lose it's meaning and do-ability. FO will create a list of the 64 gates to G (living masters and portals on earth - TB 64) and their traits, philosophy and practice-points :-)
SF: (11:49) Greetings from the heart to you, Feroniba ♡ We will keep it brief.
There will be the curious and the nosy (voyeurs), beneficiary's (free-loaders) and skeptics (doubters), spies, exploiters and destroyers (competitors), the intelligent and simple-minded, the more and the less gifted, the talented (geniuses) and the handicapped (etc.) - we bid welcome to all, since the truth is always for everyone and can be altered by nothing (MD 51 quote here WR ♡).

An untruth does not become true through validation and promotion - and you cannot be rid of a truth through criticism, bad-mouthing or ignoring - what remains is, one way or the other, the truth. (MD 51)

This is another of the infinite keys to pure immaculate mysticism.
It has been said that: "I know that I know nothing" (Socrates) - but I say: I am God, a ray of God in its (his) full abundance, God Sof, and I know all, and everyone can part-take in it, at their own discretion, without limitation likewise in full abundance. You (FO) are the example for the world - your MDs are the proof, and your visions and manifestations our witnesses.

Write the meditation-technique (MD-technique) down here, for the whole world to read, understand and practice. Hold nothing back. I will help you with it. (Homework for FO ♡ - feel free to ask question before completion of homework :-). Celibacy is cancelled (TB...) - Everyone can be a messiah (TB 9.5) - what remains is the implementation of immaculate love - peace through non-violence with few exceptions (FO shall explain them here, homework) - vegetarianism and purity through renunciation of drugs (no consumption of drugs except for medical purposes etc.) hygiene and tidiness - efficiency and God-centerdness is the key here. For this we invite all - all - without exception. ♡ ♡ ♡ Feroniba, are you ready?
FO: Yes, Sof, I am ready. ♡ ♡ ♡ All are invited - without exception ♡ ♡ ♡ SF: I bless you and your team with pure immaculate omnipotence and all-lovingness ♡ ♡ ♡ (right hand with 7 rays) To success, your Sof ♡ ♡ ♡ (FO kisses Sofs hands ♡ ♡ ♡) End 12:27 WR online ♡ 13:44 completed, formatting + color + 64 Gates to God 64 Numbers first draft completed ♡♡♡ 15:40 proofreading + md.html + WA TS + AY ♡ 16:30-17:20 tb9.1 English online :-)

Chapter 7 - Everything for everyone - First connection of the keys ♡♡♡

Deutscher Originaltext

♡♡♡ We want to thank Ayven very much indeed for this wonderful English translation - well done! ♡♡♡


Listen to W. A. Mozart - Symphony No. 41 "Jupiter" in C major K. 551 (komponiert 1788) (Harnoncourt)
Wooooowwww!!!!! ♡♡♡ ♡ ♡♡♡

1. Allegro vivace, 4/4
2. Andante cantabile, 3/4 in F major
3. Menuetto: Allegretto - Trio, 3/4
4. Molto allegro, 2/2

The Chamber Orchestra of Europe
Conductor - Nicolaus Harnoncourt
Grosser Musikvereinsaal Wien
Wooooooooooowwwwww!!!!!!!!! ♡ ♡♡ ♡♡♡ ♡ ♡♡♡ ♡♡ ♡

MD 54 (M 21) - Fri 2015-10-30 London 11:50-13:33
♡♡♡ Sun in FOs face (Smiley with 7 rays) Technique for spontaneously deactivate the mind ♡
SF: Good morning Feroniba and welcome to our MD ♡♡♡ We give you and our fans and readers further keys:


The 1st key is the spontaneous mind-deactivation-technique - describe it here (was shown/sent to FO shortly before ♡♡♡ - homework will be done by FO here as soon as possible :-).

The 2nd key is the reversal: Follow the mind and thereby get to know it fully, into the farthest corners of all its goodness and naughtiness :-)

Here we also find the 3rd key, the part-personalities or their occupation through other outside persons - refer to our first mutual books (TB 1-5).

The 4th key is the soul-personality (also see TB 8 for this) - you are the example for the world, together with the 64 gates to divinity and infinitely more.

And this is the 5th key - infinitely more ♡♡♡ There is always infinitely more to everything (or everyone since everything is personal) to experience and to (end page 194) immerse.

So we have:

1. Mind off -
2. Mind on -
3. Part-personalities -
4. Soul-personality -
5. Infinitely more in everything.

What we still need is:

6th (key) Control of mind and body through perfected abdication and celibacy -

7th (key) the solely hereby reachable exchange with me, God Sof and infinitely more in eternally perfected rays of God and his respective team of angels and the masters - and

8th (key) the being of the soul-personality, solely to be gained through the sum of the application of all keys, in connection with (through) their part-personalities and through their local mind and body on earth etc.

(6. Abdication
7. PE with God
8. Being)

Explain these to the true aspirants, especially the (6th) key of abdication. Quote AMs (angel Amadeus) riding-soldier ♡♡♡ AM sends his regards ♡♡♡ (right hand with 7 rays - smiley with 7 rays - FO cries while writing this line, tears rolling over both cheeks :-)... ♡♡♡ ♡ ♡♡♡...)

The Riding-soldier

The riding-soldier rides through the field
and searches for the seeds -
but find it he will not.

The native cooks the soup.

Where is the soup-bowl?
Left, right, oval, or unchanged (steady)?

The height is located 2 square-meters deep.

Angel Amadeus (AM), 2001
From "23 riddle-assignments to Feroniba for the realization of pure perfected mysticism"
♡♡♡ ♡ ♡♡♡

Listen now to W. A. Mozart - Symphony No. 40 in G minor (Harnoncourt)
♡♡♡ ♡ unlimited ♡ ♡♡♡...

And we all together greet TO (Toni) our science-, philosophy- and art-genius ♡♡♡ The application of these 8 keys will free you from all conditionalities - try it, you will see ♡♡♡ (12:27 - FO is still crying :-)... ) (End page 195)

   Everything for everyone

The keys of realization
     Are all of our heirs
Handed as prize of reformation
     No becoming and ruining

Divinity is always apparent (manifest)
     To the hero of pure love
Those who withdraw from heavens flock
     Vanish in the sea of desires

Be it Shakespeare Goethe Beethoven
     Prophets without number
Baking is done in the fiery (furnace) oven
     Daniels love-feast

Here is the path that leads to us
     To our garden Eden
Are you the hero always stirred at heart
     Gift it to everyone ♡♡♡

              ♡♡♡ (13:17)

You are the hero, Feroniba ♡♡♡ (FO has now calmed down from the intense affection :-) Who will be next? (TO Toni Feratonis - AY Ayven - SA Samirotis - VE Verena Kyraleya - KI Kathrin Ciagone - JU Juliane Teralya - ... ♡♡♡ ♡ ♡♡♡ - FO wrote that :-)

Listen to W. A. Mozart - Symphony No. 39 in E-flat major (Harnoncourt) ♡♡♡ ♡ ♡♡♡

Now go and write (TB 9.7 online) and compose. What shall the title be (for the poem)? (End page 106) And how do you like it today (our poem)?
FO: A little better than yesterday :-) We're making progress ♡♡♡ Everything for everyone is the title ♡♡♡ OK?
SF: Yes, I like that well ♡♡♡ If you compose today I will reward you with a special surprise ♡♡♡

Here is the surprise by Sof and Feroniba:

♡♡♡ Feratonis ♡♡♡

♡♡♡ This composition is called Feratonis and is dedicated to Feratonis ♡♡♡

FO: Because I could not have composed the piece without her - so deep, so beautiful - I learned that from her :-)
A small thank you from Feroniba for 20 years of endeavors with heart and soul for God ♡♡♡

That's why I had to cry so long earlier ♡♡♡
Because everything always intimately interrelates - that's how the world of God is knit -
everything always interwoven with each other and deeply meaningful (sensible) :-)
The piece turned out very beautiful (in my opinion, Feroniba :-) ♡ - what do you think?
I first wrote it down, then recorded, edited, mixed, and bounced it to mp3 - voila - here it is :-)

SF: Have fun and greetings to our dearest Team ♡♡♡ Your God-ray in full abundance - Sof ♡♡♡ End 13:33 ♡♡♡ FO embraces Sof and goes to write ♡♡♡ End 13:33

13:33- WR TB 9.7 online ♡♡♡ + pics Mozart ♡♡♡ ♡ ♡♡♡ + HR Mozart Symphony 41 C Dur Jupiter - Harnoncourt ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ - Mozart pics ♡♡♡ 15:20 WR tb9.7 Text completed online ♡♡♡ + HR Mozart 40 - 16:40 color + formatting + HR Mozart 39 ♡ 19:00 completed :-))))) ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ Wooowww!!! WA TS AY - 19:00 pics keys + Daniel_furnace 19:35-20:00 proofreading

9.7 Translation - 01/Nov/15 - 22:00 - 23:20 = 1h20min (Estimated time of work 2h)
FO Wed 2015-12-2 London 13:55-15:50 TB 9.7 English upload + formatting + links + pics ♡♡♡

Hear Swing and Electro Swing Collection This is the real REAL fun :-) ♡♡♡

Sof starts the new Terasof Book 10 - Pureness

Chapter 1 - Pureness - A new passage

Deutscher Originaltext

♡♡♡ We want to thank Ayven very much indeed for this wonderful English translation - well done! ♡♡♡

MD 1 (MD 55 is as an exception already MD 1 since the transition to November is happening and the new Terasof Book 10 is hereby started :-) - 2015-10-31 to 2015-11-1 London 22:29-1:13 ♡♡♡
SF: Dear Feroniba, I greet you to our joint (MD-)session ♡♡♡ We have now come a long way up to here - a glorious way imbued with all the joys and treasures that accompany the true aspirant (end page 198 = page 0 for the new book :-) from Feronibas diary ♡ - this way the cross total is obtained - since page 199=1+9+9=19=10=1 is then page 1 again :-) times accompany. Your new piece of music (composition) is a milestone. The title is well chosen ♡♡♡ A special piece for a special human (person?). Listen to the piece again now - we will listen to it together. I want to make a point ♡♡♡ (FO listens to "Feratonis" - is renamed by Sof into "Pureness" ♡ - 23:15). The piece symbolizes pure love - it flows in all directions for the free use of all. We greet Feratonis - your most noble piece for the most noble person ♡♡♡ Both of you (?) know the truth is endless in its depth and beauty - that is what connects you - from soul to soul ♡♡♡

Today we begin a new book and a new chapter in perfection ♡♡♡ This chapter connects our 9th book with the 10th. I give you the title:

♡♡♡ Pureness ♡♡♡

It is dedicated to all pure souls of this world ♡♡♡

And here is my surprise: Feratonis is our first example ♡♡♡ (End page 1 - old page 199) (Now page 2 = old page 200 ♡♡♡ - same cross total for all following page numbers :-) Ninifeé is our second ♡♡♡ And Feroniba our third ♡♡♡ That's also what you shall call the piece:

♡♡♡ Pureness ♡♡♡

Kyraleya can become our 4th example. You have my blessing to write the biggest story of love for the world ♡♡♡ And you can be a great team in this. Teralya can become our 5th example - you have my blessing to write the concert for her ♡♡♡ (FO cries ♡♡♡). "The rest is silence" (Shakespeare - Hamlet ♡♡♡ FO cries ♡♡♡) Here ends our 9th book ♡♡♡

Our blessing we send to all true aspirants of love an purity in eternity ♡♡♡

Aum Om Amen

Your God Sof ♡♡♡

End of Book 9 (23:56)

Sof started the new book Terasof Book 10 - Pureness


• Session 1 • Fri 2015-10-23 London 8:53 AN Angebot die Handschrift zu lesen :-) - B + F Kids Kish Kita 1. Vortag 9:30-10:30, dann Spielplatz Sandy Lane Geburtstagskuchen und Spiele :-) ♡ + MO SO S, 12:45 WR M 15 ♡ 13:45 color + formatting ♡♡♡ 14:05 pic ♡♡♡ 14:40-14:55 WA TS AY 16:05-17:20 Korrektur + R ♡

• Session 2 • Sat 2015-10-24 London 14:46 O m3.html etc. 15:15 WR M 16 ♡♡♡ 16:35 WR FO Q Zölibat etc. 17:10 color + formatting ♡♡♡ 18:00 WA TS + AY ♡♡♡ 18:20 R Korrektur + Book 6-9 online ♡♡♡ Ende 20:35 --- 21:40-0:40 TB 6-9 formatting ♡♡♡ - 1:15 WR online ♡♡♡ 2:13 color + formatting + links :-) 3:50 pics 4:30-5:30 WA + proofreading + links ♡♡♡ - 5:30-5:43 WR incl. color + formatting :-)

• Session 3 • Sun 2015-10-25 London 13:39 (WR TB 9.3 ♡♡♡) HH + PE Kids + AN + Bridie, Angebot Job Aufbau Land Kita Öko-Laden etc. ♡ 14:40 Kids unter AN Aufsicht in FOs Zimmer + WR TB 9.3 + Links fertig ♡♡♡ Woooowww!!! 16:05 color + formatting 19:15-19:20 WA TS + AY :-) ♡♡♡ 19:20-20:10 R TB9.3 + WR Shrtcuts ♡

• Session 4 - Mon 2015-10-26 London 18:30 WR TB9.4 ♡♡♡ 19:55 color + formatting + pic ♡♡♡ 21:25-23:10 proofreading + formatting ♡♡♡

• Session 5 • Tue 2015-10-27 London 18:30-19:05 E + WR MD 48 + color + formatting + links :-) ♡ --- 23:00 tb8 + tb8.de formatting ♡ 1:10 tb8.7 English WR ♡ color + formatting fertig alles ♡ 3:20 tb8.6 + 8.5 English ♡ 4:00-4:50 tb9.2 English + formatting tb9.de ♡♡♡ :-)

• Session 6 • Wed 2015-10-28 London 18:10 tb9.5 ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ start + pics queen + crown + links :-) 19:15 WR tb 9.5 ♡♡♡ fertig ♡ 20:25-21:35 color + formatting :-) 21:35 WA TS AY :-) 21:55-22:35 proofreading :-) fertig

• Session 7 • Thu 2015-10-29 London 12:27 WR online ♡ 13:44 fertig, formatting + color + 64 Tore zu Gott 64 Nummern first draft fertig ♡♡♡ 15:40 proofreading + md.html + WA TS + AY ♡ 16:30-17:20 tb9.1 English online :-) --- 0:25 tb9.3 English complete :-) 2:25-3:25 tb9.1 English complete :-)

• Session 8 • Fri 2015-10-30 London 13:33- WR TB 9.7 online ♡♡♡ + pics Mozart ♡♡♡ ♡ ♡♡♡ + HR Mozart Sinfonie 41 C Dur Jupiter - Harnoncourt ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ - Mozart pics ♡♡♡ 15:20 WR tb9.7 Text fertig online ♡♡♡ + HR Mozart 40 - 16:40 color + formatting + HR Mozart 39 ♡ 19:00 ferig :-))))) ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ Wooowww!!! WA TS AY - 19:00 pics keys + Daniel_furnace 19:35-20:00 proofreading


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