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by Feroniba, God Sof, Gloria, Amadeus and many more ♡

• Session 1 • Tue 2016-6-7 London 23:20-1:50 Starting the "Book" (working title)

• 1 - Hello my dear people ♡♡♡ Hello, world ♡♡♡

I am writing this book for you, dear people, and for you, my dear world ♡♡♡ It will be an astonishing piece of literature - a denomination of pure love of the heart, of true religion, a document of science in a pure and unconditioned way (manner), and much much more ♡♡♡ Be excited and be insured that every single section of this book will be for your honor and for your fullest satisfaction of the loving heart ♡ Rejoice! ♡

♡♡♡ Amen ♡ Aum ♡ Om ♡ Gloria ♡ Hallelujah ♡♡♡

(1:27) Deep inside - where we exist immortally and unconditioned - in the center of all-lovingness - where we all are loving brothers and sisters - is the sacred place where we all meet, while reading these words and chapters - the "book".

I am Feroniba, the writer. The angel Amadeus asked and inspired me to start writing this book - my book, the revelation of multidimensional realities and entities of love and pureness ♡♡♡

Listen to ♡ Pureness ♡ - composed by Feroniba for Feratonis and God Sof ♡♡♡ ♡ ♡♡♡

Good night for now - see you soon ♡♡♡ (1:50)

• Session 2 • Wed 2016-6-8 London 14:15-15:30 concept

What we will have to go through:
global warming - politics and economy - religious concepts, secret societies and misuse - data and security - future plans for the next decades - solutions. (See links)

What the goal is:
to manifest inner and outer peace and love everywhere - happiness on earth - connections to TB 1-20 ff., he, sss, ac etc. The effort is neither for me nor for anyone else to be an adept of a specific theme or even of all what is, but to augment and to stabilize groups which take care of our world, the earth, the nations, and finally of every individual in a perfect and ideal way.

About the author:
... coming soon.

I decided to write this book first in English and then translate it into German, although my English proficiency is not on the highest level, where I wish it would be, and I continuously work on it. So please forgive me my flaws. From time to time I will get them corrected by a professional native English writer.

Now let's start ♡

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• Session 3 • Wed 2017-8-16 Berlin 21:44- cont. WR

Brexit WP - Brexit is the popular term for the United Kingdom's intended withdrawal from the European Union. In a UK referendum on 23 June 2016, 51.9% voted to leave the EU.
• Scandinavia Sweden Stockholm Gothenburg Norway Oslo
• Berlin - Leipzig - Berlin
• Session 3 cont.
• G GB_G CW G GB_AUM AM SF TS G_SF TB_6-26_ff. - cont.
• G SL PD illusion matter earth
• 8 world-conflicts + target solution
• Test Leipzig - conclusion SpiritShipProgram
• ETs - oligarchy etc.


• Session 1 • Tue 2016-6-7 London 23:20-1:50 Starting the "Book" (working title)
• Session 2 • Wed 2016-6-8 London 14:15-15:30 concept
• Session 3 • Wed 2017-8-16 Berlin 21:44- cont. WR


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