Terasof Book 15


Terasof Book 15

New Energy

♡♡♡ Gloria ♡♡♡

A Play and a Script

by God Sof and Feroniba

Deutscher Originaltext

English translation by Arysoth ♡


Chapter 1 - At Home - ♡♡♡ Gloria ♡♡♡

Chapter 2 - MF - MT 11-15 - AO PT - Arysoth - CT - Mountain and valley connected

Chapter 3 - Farewell from GL - Holiday, break, P

Chapter 4 - Lack, lust and compassion (pity) - TS members

Chapter 5 - Old and new energy, GL/GB - Pharao/King and senate in accordance, daily successor-determination

Chapter 6 - Arysoth Rises - AY meets AO, GL and SF and receives initiation-schooling and the HG-N-plan from FO ♡♡♡

Chapter 7 - He who seeks shall find - The mountain is the valley, London, Berlin, Leipzig and more - God-cake

♡ Listen to Mix - "Guqin" The Musical Instrument of the Wise ♡♡♡ ♡ ♡♡♡


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Chapter 1 - At Home - ♡♡♡ Gloria ♡♡♡

Deutscher Originaltext

We want to thank Arysoth very much indeed for this wonderful English translation - well done! ♡♡♡

Listen to Guqin - 古琴 Ancient Stringed Instrument --- From: Mix - "Guqin" The Musical Instrument of the Wise ♡♡♡ ♡ ♡♡♡

MD 33 - Fri 2015-12-18 London 16:10-16:55 - SF (Sof):

At Home

When roses and carnations
Never more wither
Mountains and lakes
Never more fade
Moons and stars
From a far
In loving ways
Eternally circle each other

When all souls
Joyfully recommend
To stay forever
To only have drolleries (fun)
With God and the angels
And to the scoundrels
Of the dark spheres
Deny access

Then it is proven
That we in these
Endless worlds
Without vengeance
Always free from pain
Are home again
Like once as earth-child

A birthday poem by God Sof
for Gabriel - "todays" birthday child -
for the birthday party -
dictated and written
in the presence of all birthday-guests ♡♡♡
And to the wonderful birthday-children of 20.12. -
the twins Anna Heike Reschop and Hartleff Reschop
from our mutual school-period in the Pädagogium Baden-Baden
And for all birthday guests
And all people on earth
And in the entire universe ♡♡♡

Friday, the 18.12.2015 in Richmond near London, 16:10-16.55 ♡♡♡

Sof waves and retreats floatingly ♡♡♡ and sends Feroniba back to GAs (Gabriel's, FO's son) birthday party ♡♡♡ End 16:55

* * * * * * *

♡♡♡ Gloria ♡♡♡

A stage-play, screen-play (script) and novel
by God Sof and Feroniba

Terasof Book 15.1, part 2 - ♡♡♡ Gloria ♡♡♡ A stage-play - screen-play (script) and novel by God Sof and Feroniba :-) The 1st version is already partly completed ♡ Enjoy :-)

• Session 1 • Fri 2015-12-18 18:20-18: - 16:55 Farewell kids guests + mothers ♡ 17:20 HH AR 17:40 E + O WA TO u.a. 18:00 T TO RP joint plan points 4 to 2 - 4. House/Land London (Leipzig, Rafael wants to buy it), 3. PL SC NV, 2. CC MP FO, 1. TS will be discussed shortly 18:20 WR TB 15.1 At Home

15.1-5 - Translation - 04/Jan/16 - 07:20 - 11:35 = 4h15min (Estimated time of work: 5h)
FO Thu 2016-1-14 London 22:00 TB 15.1 English upload + formatting + GL upload start ♡♡♡ 0:30 TB 15.2 English upload + R TB 15 ♡♡♡ end 2:00

Chapter 2 - MF - MT 11-15 - AO PT - Arysoth - CT - Mountain and valley connected

Deutscher Originaltext

We want to thank Arysoth very much indeed for this wonderful English translation - well done! ♡♡♡

Listen to Guqin - 古琴 Ancient Stringed Instrument --- From: Mix - "Guqin" The Musical Instrument of the Wise ♡♡♡ ♡ ♡♡♡

MD 43 - Thu 2015-12-24 1:05-2:31
SF: Hello my dear Feroniba ♡♡♡ We continue to WR TB 15.2 ♡♡♡ Are you agreed?
FO: Hello my most beloved Sof ♡♡♡ I agree with everything you suggest - understandable after everything which was manifested only through you ♡ GL PL is wonderful!!! ♡♡♡
SF: You decidedly reject my vacation-offer - then we are in God-service - in GF ♡♡♡ We're changing the style - only Cs (codes, abbreviations) - no explanations of the Cs in (end page 8) parantheses - only ESs - this we maintain. PMs (poems) we write out - LKs (links) wherever sesnible (useful). We'll write a few PCs (ECs) (HW). From here on we leave the accustomed F (field) for Rs and now adjourn into the pure MY F - MF (mystical field) - we've shown it to you already in the past days - now we are implementing it.

MT 11-15

MT 11 • You jump of a 100m mountain, but you will not fall. See what happens - RP (HW).

MT 12 • The view in unrestricted. What do you see? RP.

MT 13 • What is lust?

MT 14 • Who moves the body - who the mind?

MT 15 • We float to PD (paradise) - WR your IVs here.

Here to >>> MT 1-10

FO - A (answer) to MT 15: You are always present - that is wonderful ♡♡♡ Everything around us is burning, but not scathing (detrimental). There is no lust, no lacks, only direct OP, no decay, everything eternal. We move on: Matter around us and through us - then air and ether - then (end page 9) water - the 4 elements one after the other - like in astrology - 3 x in an ascending right-turning spiral - then we leave the system. FOs form and content adjusts (adapts) itself - the spaceship is always integrated and therefore it ceases to exist as a seperate aid (tool) ♡♡♡ We float towards the wonder-PT - OP personally, like everything here is always personal.
FO bows before OP who is always also directly connected with AL - AO ♡♡♡
FO: Greetings, AO ♡♡♡ I ask for your counsel.
AO: We PE without sentiments - salutations and words of welcome are cancelled - everything is eternally in direct connection with each other.
Counsel 1: Move within the SF-sign like in roller-coaster-loops - infinitely fast - ML arises, only G SF, nothing else. Everything breaks and melts together - X is dissolved - the world can now follow through GL PL.
Now we invite ministers anew (again): AY, VE, AN - we recommend for everyone in our circle to use their SF-names. We name AY (end page 10) - because he wishes it from us: Name yourself - or we name you Arysoth - Arise in Sof and Ter. The power is now unlimited - the rules in you physical world forbid you to manifest conditionality and allow you to send (project) and create freedom, everywhere and at all times - in every moment. The rules are easy - they are written in our book, TB. The sound of unconditional beauty is your N - your K to OP ♡♡♡ Write a PM (poem) and address me - I will A you ♡♡♡ Write down what I will tell you and stick with it - for all eternity. Your AO ♡♡♡ - See Arysoth Rises for more.
Feroniba, we are ready: I'm opening your PT ♡♡♡ OP engufs you through and through - no end in all directions - we make you the Pharao of the Sof-pyramid (TB 14.4) - for all eternity. You are Osiris - everyone who wants can be Isis - all together in (end page 11) unity - Horus for H in Arysoth - Horysat. And Pharao Feroniba - both carry AO - OA within themselves. The power is laid open - AO. Keep (mind) themthrough our commandments for the world - and carry my blessing: AO ♡♡♡ Aum.

SF: (2:17) We're visiting control (CT) - she teaches you all further disciplines for mind and body - here lies the trophy which AM mentioned: the gall-bladder: bitterness is unnecessary - that is written. Mountain and valley connect - high and deep, energy-levels equalize (balance each other out) - that is the K (key) of CT (control): Where there is lack bring abundance - where there is abundance remedy lack - that way you always retain CT - for all time in every place. X (sexual) lack requires asexual (non-sexual) touch - material physical lack requires spiritual mental abundance or touch - the equalization (balance) is AO - AL for X and OP for physical lack. We conclude for now - see you later ♡♡♡ (End page 12) End 2:31

• Session 6 • Thu 2015-12-24 2:31-4:35 WR TB 15.2 online + color + formatting - end 4:20

Chapter 3-7 following soon

Chapter 3 - Farewell from GL - Vacation, break (pause), P

Deutscher Originaltext

We want to thank Arysoth very much indeed for this wonderful English translation - well done! ♡♡♡

Listen to Alessandro Marcello - Adagio in D minor ♡♡♡ ♡♡ ♡ ♡♡ ♡♡♡

Rearranged arrangement of the same piece Johann Sebastian Bach - Adagio Re minor BWV 974 Piano-Violoncello ♡♡♡ ♡ ♡♡♡

And again for piano solo by Glenn Gould - Plays Bach Concerto BWV 974 ♡♡♡ ♡ ♡♡♡

Fri 2015-12-24 London 15:00 bed 15:10 S 15:55 IV - SF shows FO out of the center of love into which he places FO (spontaneously in an instant) - right in the middle:

The new world arises
The old deception passes
From the center of love
We dispel the thieves

MD 45 - Fri 2015-12-25 London 0:40-1:28 - (2015-12-24 16:00 Kids christmas-party ♡ unpacking - GA Lego Lord Business building with FO ♡♡♡ 18:55 bed 19:05 S - 19:40 SF takes FO into AO center and starts onwards from there ♡ 19:45 TO T PPs Analysis ... + TB 15.2 R + Explanation 22:55 R ceasarsmessiahdebunked.com + TW oprah winfrey fans FW some Followers ♡ checked 1413 FWs) TW FG new 2124 ♡ TW TS FW 620 + WA JU ♡ 0:30 B 0:35 MD-Platz + (End page 14) IC Frankincense ♡0:40 MD 45
Hello my dear Sof ♡♡♡ The talk with TO was very nice and effective - thank you for your help ♡ And AY is also happy with the name Arysoth - I also think it's cool - there's also Arygod in it ♡♡♡ Arrive God ♡ or Arrive Sof ♡♡♡
SF: Hello my dear Feroniba - we greet you together ♡♡♡ The entire team ♡♡♡ Today I bring you a special message - from your father Sadi Hassani ♡♡♡ He wants to let you know that he is very happy about your development and that you have fulfilled all his wishes for you in perfection - all praise from the heart and bravo ♡♡♡
FO: Thank you - my love for his work with me I thank him eternally in perfected love ♡♡♡ I can thank no other family-member like that - also no other human - only AY knows how it is to receive the whole programm (end page 15), 24/7 life-long and beyond ♡♡♡ And all TS DCs ♡♡♡
SF: We'll journey to GL ♡♡♡
FO: Wooowww!!! What a wonderful Christman-present!!! The very-very-best!!! ♡♡♡ We travel timeless - in the instant - to GL ♡♡♡

GL: We greet you and your team, FO and SF & Team - you are inseperable! - as it should be for a prophet of G SF ♡♡♡ You reject vacation, repeatedly. That makes you ill often - pay attention to this as LI. My counsel here: accept SFs offer when he offers it to you - even if only for a short time, for a few minutes, or hours, a few days. Then directly follow all IVs + LIs 1:1, entirely P - you are accountable to none and have no responsibilities to carry, only P, whatever touches (affects) you or what you encounter. Agreed? Write to all that you're accepting the offer and then are back in service, exactly fand until when. Agreed? (End page 16) You decide. We dissolve all rules during vacation - that is important - your family or DCs can also receive vacations or we or you recommend it for them - and they can also ask you for your own vacation, and of course also for their own.
FO: Very well, I accept your counsel ♡♡♡ Thank you for the explanation and always also my inseperable G SF ♡♡♡ That way vacation makes sense to me - as it isn't for long - only a few minutes-hours-days ♡♡♡ And whomever asks back into service will generally be heard and served, whether on vacation or not - so please to all: always T or WA etc. FO 24/7 ♡♡♡ Thanks - I'll start now then, is that okay?
GL: (1:05) Yes, we thank you very much for finally accepting - just see how weakened (stricken) you are at the moment - ill - and mentally exhausted - body and mind have now for many months, since the first MD recommended (end page 17) by AM (see 2015-7-22 TB 6 MD-start), and that at least twice daily with very few exceptions, been in complete service, 24/7 - thas is a gigantic effort (performance) - but also a demand with great exertions and renunciation. There are no rules on vacation - none - please take that as i say it - and follow all images - 1:1 ♡♡♡
FO: Ok my beloved GL ♡♡♡ We'll do it like that from now on until I sign on again.

Your PL (play) is great - one of a kind - it tops everything that exists on earth ♡♡♡ And all religion-philosophy and practice - and still keeps up with every important standard of all times and cultures, 100%! Wow! Thanks so much to you and SF for that ♡♡♡
GL: We see that the same way you do - you have surpassed everything which currently exists on earth - now we move towards the sources.

Sexuality is exempted on vacation - you can also call it pause for short. I know you prefer celibacy, therefore I recommend (end page 18) one-time P-DT to you, with official sign inn- and off if you wish - but you have the freedom to decide this eniterly P - do it as you wish. And as I said: you are accountable to none for this. About further children you decide together ♡♡♡
FO: Good, that's how we'll do it ♡♡♡

GL: We bid farewell to all of you (FO cries while WR - HR Alessandro Marcello - Adagio in D minor :-)... :-(... ), also to all DCs FM etc. - come visit us anytime, whenever you want - we are there for all of you 24/7 ♡♡♡ Your Gloria ♡♡♡
FO bows, kisses GLs hands and embraces her for a long time - through and through - then he leaves (floats) on with SF.

SF: Thank you Feroniba - it is important that you and all understand that vacation or breaks are a part of it - individually and in agreement - with everyone as they need it ♡♡♡ Now I am there for you - also during vacation and in every break and P ♡♡♡
FO: Thank you SF ♡♡♡
FO embraces SF ♡♡♡
SF: Come, FO we (end page 19) conclude the MD for today - you can also take a break from the two MDs during vacation - but do it as you want - after your IVs ♡♡♡ We bless all Rs and bid farewell for our joint vacation - pause and P. Adieu ♡♡♡ All of yours, God Sof ♡♡♡ End 1:28 P + TH --- + WR TB 15.3 online ♡♡♡ HR YT Allessandro Marcello - Adagio D minor ♡♡♡ ♡ ♡♡♡ + Video FO cries :-)... :-(... ♡♡♡ End WR online finished 4:12 B - 4:15 start CM farewell - end 4:55 ♡♡♡ WA TS 5:10 end

• Session 7 • Fri 2015-12-25 1:28 P + TH + WR TB 15.3 online ♡♡♡ HR YT Bach Adagio BWV 974 + original Alessandro Marcello - Adagio D minor ♡♡♡ ♡ ♡♡♡ + Video FO cries :-)... :-(... ♡♡♡ End WR online finished 4:12 B - 4:15 start CM farewell - end 4:55 ♡♡♡ WA TS 5:10 end

Chapter 4 - Lack, lust and pity (compassion) - TS members

Deutscher Originaltext

We want to thank Arysoth very much indeed for this wonderful English translation - well done! ♡♡♡

Listen to [Vhuster] - Best of Guzheng Part 1 ♡♡♡ ♡ ♡♡♡

MD 47 - Sat 2015-12-26 London 1:03-3:04 - TW FW 654 ♡ FG 2159 - (Fri 2015-12-25 London 20:15) DRs + LDs to spir. life - family + GR ♡ B 20:25 RP VE + AN TS Plan new: 1. TBP 2. AD PTs 3. GL PL SC FP + PL 1+2 + further stage-works 4. seminars 5. TS GR W + P etc. - reference of all 3 people to it - VE 1+3+5 LZ house, FO asks for 3 locations for PR + seminars - AN says 5 - FO refutes with vacation VC --- + FO HH - (26.12.2015) 1:00 MD-place (end page 20) IC Sandal Mysore ♡♡♡ 1:03 MD 47
FO MD-technique only as relates to SF anyore (after his insturctions) ♡♡♡
SF: Hello FO - the 5-point-plan is perfect. You can dissolve vacation again, but we will speak later regarding this.

On to the essential: We consider the 5 points as accomplished - objectively not temporally ♡♡♡ Everything comes together on its own from now on - as if by magic ♡♡♡ (TB 14.5) World-mysticism is straightened - pure perfected mysticism manifest - congratulations ♡♡♡ We have 15 books and 3 stage-plays, further books will be added (AM - GB C - PLs + SCs etc.), 3 locations (London, Berlin, Leipzig), 3 active TS members (FO VE AY) and further ones passive or on leave. Now the concentration is focused upon the CCs and stage-works - art through all mediums - ML ♡♡♡ That is my assignment starting here for you and AY - VE helps if she wants to. The mountain is the valley (quote) - 3=1 (Pyramid without separation - TB 14.4) - Mysticism unveiled (GF - God-field - TB 14.6) - ES (Essence) - SI (Sitemap) - MT (mystery task).

What's missing is marriage and sex - thus thinks the world - the people (populace) - (end page 21) the average citizen. We - you, me, AM, GB, GL, AO etc. - see this differently. Here lies the discrepancy. We ask ST (Seth), we meet him/her timelessly.

ST: Welcome G SF (VE comes briefly for HH + saying good night 1:30 - FO R TB 15.4 until here ♡♡♡) and FO ♡♡♡ Here is the clarification:
We have (already) debunked karma as a lie (TB 12.7) - established (explained - quote) Seth or Mater/Matter as an honorable servant of God for all times again for the knowing of world-knowledge (declared - quotation).
The tension lies in the lack-principle. Seeming illusionary lack, loss and destruction appear as negative, unwanted and evil and bring forth pain, anger, lamentation and struggle - diplomacy and emergency rule (war). Lust, hunger, illness, injury and pain, tiredness and dissatisfaction signalize the seeming tension which arises from (the respective) lack and lead to fantasy, wish-thinking, longing, decision and action. Those who experience lack strive for fulfillment. This applies to the world - the (end page 22) average person. But there is also below and above average disability and genius. Disability is under my control, genius under God Sofs - the disabled becomes a Satanist, the genius a spiritualist. Neutral is negative (FO is to WR examples) - Disinterest or atheism is subordinate to thebase - the higher is only reached through ones own W (work) and exclusiveness - you are the (our) example - Hitler, Khomeini etc. are the counter-example. Power through feigning, acting (playing, pretending), diplomacy and pretense is short-lived - power through being is eternal. Body and mind are under my power and always create seeming lacks without cease - the soul is eternally under Gods power, untouchable by lack. If the PP - the soul-portion in body and mind, decides in favor of enlargement or expansion, for more soul-power or soul-portions, the seeming lack-awareness is grafually reduced - vice versa (end page 23) is is increased. Not the falsely circulating karma-law is the cause, but the momentary condition - the opening or closing or closedness for the soul-personality as a whole. You are faithful to G SF and (thereby also always) to your soul as a whole - thus your seeming lacks are reduced to the utmost or no longer perceptible - you are constantly in perfected consciousness, without lack, in perfected abundance. The world which chooses the reduced soul-personality or PP (part-personality) in the respective moment experiences the corresponding lacks and is bound to the longing and fulfillment of the lacks. Not "karma" binds, but the momentary condition and decision, thereof resulting the conditioning or liberating action or experience. It's not the conditioned action which leads to the conditioned "karmic" reaction, but always only the conditioned condition. (end page 24).

Let's get to sex and marriage. Masturbation is not to be compared with sex in perfected partnership or marriage - a certain lack-portion remains and forces into partnership or violence - rape, sex-murder etc. or to a surrogate-satisfaction like bestiality, fame, career, possesion, consumption etc.. Art constiutes an exception - it offers or requires a higher or more ideal relationship which exceeds or surpasses the sexual relationship - Artists who seriously enter the relationship with art - who are "married" to art - loose the attraction to sexuality gradually or spontaneously. Likewise it is with the relationship to God, the angels and masters. Here lies founded the cause of celibacy in the last and highest consequence, and therefor perfected personalities are asexual or genderless, just as angels and God are etc.. If now one connects (end page 25) with people who cannot yet transcend or control their lust and lacks through higher relationships and also do it 24/7 - as you constantly strive for and implement - one is negatively affected through the ethereal and tangible connection. You have learned and practiced to withdraw yourself from this, through disciplined control of mind and body or the senses - but not so your previous partners.
It is the same tension - on the large scale, in the world, as on the small scale, in the relationship: friendship, business or marriage. The spiritual relationship constitues the exception here, or the relationship to art, to the muse, to Gloria etc.. It is noble of you to gift yourself to the world as friend, business-partner, marriage-partner or mysticism-master - noble, but not necessary. Your children follow you, DCs and marriage-partner obviously not yet. You tolerate it - nobly, but not necessarily. What (end page 26) do you say to this and what does God Sof say?

SF: I confrim your explanation in every detail - bravo my beloved Seth ♡♡♡ The catch (hitch) is the sentiment. FO feels pity with the specific persons of his life and his surroundings. "Pity" is - like "karma" - a misconception, based on false and distorted tradition and conditoned conclusions in the name of God of of wisdom, out of which also arises the false faith/loyalty (-understanding) - the binding relationship-concession to persons or contents and systems which do not deserve faith/loyalty out of love and perfection. The noble carrier of faith/loyalty is always the bereaved - the constant braker of the faith/loyalty to the ideal the exploiting one. Here I recommend divorce, separation, refutation and resistance. What do you say to this, Feroniba?
FO: I concur with both of you in all points - Hallelujah ♡♡♡
FO, ST and SF together:

♡♡♡ Aum ♡♡♡ Om ♡♡♡ Amen ♡♡♡

(End page 27)
ST: I embrace you (through and through) ♡♡♡ A-Dieu ♡♡♡

SF: (timeless back to FOs MD-place in London ♡♡♡) We clarified that - congratulations. Now the path to the manifestation of the ML (multidimensionality) is clear through you and our GR - who are the GR-members? Find out and we will see each other in the fresh morning - tomorrow for the MD and later for the evening-MD if you like - and concerning the vacation: Do you know understand the sense (purpose/point)? Do you understand the illness and weakness?
FO: Yes, now I can see it - thank you my beloved God Sof ♡♡♡ See you later ♡♡♡
Embrace with SF ML through and through ♡♡♡ End 3:04 WR TB 15.4 online ♡♡♡ + E - end 6:30

• Session 8 • Sat 2015-12-26 3:04 WR TB 15.4 online ♡♡♡ + E - end 6:30 color + formatting end 7:55 ♡♡♡ R TB 15.4 ♡ 8:20 B 8:30 MD 48 (end page 28) 8:43 bed 8:55 S

Chapter 5 - Old and new energy, GL/GB - Pharao/king and senate in agreement, daily successor-determination

Deutscher Originaltext

We want to thank Arysoth very much indeed for this wonderful English translation - well done! ♡♡♡

Listen to [Vhuster] - Best of Guzheng Part 1 ♡♡♡ ♡ ♡♡♡

MD 47 - Sat 2015-12-26 London 1:03-3:04 - TW FW 654 ♡ FG 2159 - (Fri 2015-12-25 London 20:15) DRs + LDs to spir. life - family + GR ♡ B 20:25 RP VE + AN TS Plan new: 1. TBP 2. AD PTs 3. GL PL SC FP + PL 1+2 + further stage-works 4. seminars 5. TS GR W + P etc. - relation of all 3 persons to it - VE 1+3+5 LZ house, FO asks for 3 locations for PR + seminars - AN says 5 - FO refutes with vacation VC --- + FO HH - (26.12.2015) 1:00 MD-place (end page 20) IC Sandal Mysore ♡♡♡ 1:03 MD 47

DR Sat 2015-12-26 London 13:23
GL: Feroniba - you must LR to dismiss the wrong (negative, conditioned) - without false sentiments. (From here channeling continued in waking-state while WR of DR) GB(e) stands for the old energy - I (GL) stand for the new. GB leads the faithful (religeous/devout) God-seeking souls from the old energy to me into the new energy - through art and philosophy. Together we connect the animal world and the world of the urges with the angels-world - the world of the unconditioned freedom of God, the angels and the eternally freed souls.

♡♡♡ Gloria ♡♡♡ Hallelujah ♡♡♡ Aum ♡♡♡

(13:38) We are one person under many names - but you cannot call me Gabriel(e) anymore. We bid goodbye to GB and the false sentiments and from now on only live the new energy - without violence and diplomacy, in the perfected peace of Buddha. (End page 29) I am his teacher. AM introduced us to each other - just as he brought you - FO - to me (quote from AM Berlin here ♡♡♡) Now you can see it. What is not actualized or is deficiently handed down in Buddhism, we will now amend or rectify together with you and your GR. Welcome in the realm of love and pure perfected mysticism ♡♡♡ Your GL and our entire team ♡♡♡ (13:50) Publish the old course-books (link coming soon here) on terasof.com now and explain them through the new energy - through me - GL - the eternal teacher of perfection and purity of the whole world.

♡♡♡ Aum ♡♡♡ Om ♡♡♡ Amen ♡♡♡

End 13:54 - 13:23 WR DR + GL Channeling - 13:55 B + MD-place + Kids ♡ + IC Thai Red (Pagoda) orientalmerchant.eu ♡♡♡ 14:44 MD 49 R GL up until here for VE + Kids 14:51 Continuation:
GL: GB leads to spiritual actualization in emergency-rule (end page 30) through diplomacy and weapons and through confrontation. In these areas he/she will continue to appear and operate. We thank her/him for her/his glorious services in the old energy (GL asks for critisism + settlement here). I am her new side - GB(e) from the other side of the river (TB 9.1) - with me non-violence and enlightenment are the rule - the river separates the worlds of the old tainted (conditioned) and the new untainted (unconditioned) energy. Here you are with your sincere DCs - our followers of the new energy - at home from now on forever. Beauty, harmony, love, art, philosophy, poetry and mysticism in perfection and harmony are our paramount subjects for the coming time. Bring all this information into our PL GL.

We name our book TB 15

New Energy - ♡♡♡ Gloria ♡♡♡♡♡♡

You see the (its) impact now - DR, LD, MD, IT (intuition), IV and LI are connected 24/7 from now on. We will continue meeting in DR and WR in MD up into PL and (end page 31) manifest the TS CY (community) in all important places of the entire world. And here is my big surprise: We want to appoint you as pharao - as king. And here is the secret - revealed (and unveiled) for the world:

The holy pharao or king only ever operates in accord with his GR of MS (ministers) and HPs (helpers), the senate - on equal footing - without exception - he or she represents the GR ideally without their own claims to power - deviations lead to the fall. Decisions are made together - implementation is done together. The striving for perfection manifests this development in this order - the world shows all examples on different levels - more or less fulfilled by old or new energy: Salomon - David etc. - Moses - but also Napoleon - Adolf Hitler - Mao Zedong - Haile Selassie, Ruhollah Khomeini etc. - the IP (impersonal energy) of democracy and anarchy strives to perfection in PN (personal energy) through monarchy and hierarchy. You are our prophet and pharao of the new energy - personified through (end page 32) me, GL-GB, and G SF ♡♡♡ Here WI (wisdom) and MY are now manifest in perfection. The successor is determined daily in unanimity through us, you and the enitre GR and so on. Please get professional consultation in everything for the new position: Appearance, haircut, clothing, body-hygiene, nourishment, health, fitness, sleep, music, painting, poetry, healing etc.. Our ministers will take care of highest quality and perfection on all levels - you take care of pure perfected mysticism and the personal contact to me, GL/GB, G SF, AM, ST etc. and all further persons that we will yet send or introduce.
Thus we unveil mysticism for the world - religion and mythology - philosophy and psychology - WI (wisdom) and enlightenment. The temple build-up can now begin. This is the mystic basic setting through me - the angel GL and GB, the development from the old to the new energy - and G SF - the ray of God for the new time of the earth und the 64 gates to the deity and infinitely more. (End page 33)

♡♡♡ Om ♡♡♡ Aum ♡♡♡ Hallelujah ♡♡♡

We bid farewell for now - in love and perfection - your GL and the entire team ♡♡♡ End 15:36 FO bows before GL and her team and goes to WR TB 15.5 online ♡♡♡ + SO MO in FO room ♡ WR end 18:26

Arisoth Rises - FO & AY Channeling with AO GL SF ♡♡♡

• Session 9 • Sat 2015-12-26 15:36 WR TB 15.5 online ♡♡♡ + SO MO in FO room ♡ WR end 18:26 color + pics + formatting end 20:55 WR WA TS ♡♡♡ end 21:15 AN cancells everything and goes to LZ

15.1-5 - Translation - 04/Jan/16 - 07:20 - 11:35 = 4h15min (Estimated time of work: 5h)
FO Sun 2016-1-24 London 19:35-20:50 TB 15.3-5 English upload + formatting

Chapter 6 - Arysoth Rises - AY meets AO, GL and SF and receives the initiation-schooling and the HG-N-plan from FO ♡♡♡

Deutscher Originaltext

We want to thank Arysoth very much indeed for this wonderful English translation - well done! ♡♡♡

Listen to [Vhuster] - Best of Guzheng Part 1 ♡♡♡ ♡ ♡♡♡

Arysoth Rises

(Deutsche Übersetzung demnächst hier)

Arysoth now rises
Through pure almighty love
Love that's always timeless
For such is Sof above

Tears of joy are here now
A meaning-given life
Terasof has shown how
All things can be made right

Feroniba the master
Has loved me without cease
With nothing but perfection
Always believed in me

God Sof confirmed my nature
Thus gives me endless joy
Now life is once more precious
Like to a child its toy

My key to omnipotence
I vow to use it well
To give love through the music
Which heaven lets me tell

To love in every detail
Is what I'm speaking of
And this I vow to master
Through Sof and Terasof

To love in every detail
Is what I'm speaking of
And this I vow to master
Through Sof and Terasof

by Arysoth for Sof (and Terasof and the world and the universe)


Channeling - Mon 2015-12-27 London 2:05-5:40:22
Arysoth (AY) says:
1. Eager and excited for A to PM - TB 15.2 Arysoth
2. Very excited to be named as one of the 3 active TS MBs
3. Ecstatically excited about SFs statement FO AY (VE) concerning artistic projects
4. Quote TB 15.5 ? FOs children follow, but not yet DCs etc. - Interested in criticism for AY for understanding and for practical implementation dissolving
5. Impersonality - democracy, anarchy - in naturally and unnderstandably to be placed beneath personality - monarchy and hierarchy

FO channels AO - Sun 2015-12-27 London 4:54 (=8+5=9+4=13=4=Sof - AY Skype Berlin (Mateo calls AY briefy)
AO: (5:03 = perfected human - 3 K pyramid - 5+3=8 Omnipotence = AO) (HW Arysoth + brithdate analysis + name-giving time + date)
Hello Arysoth and Feroniba, hello God Sof ♡♡♡ You have done your HW in an exemplary manner together - my congratulations thus far. You can ask questions.
AY: Maybe a little later - right now I prefer to listen.
AO: Things are on track. Time stands still. We have arrived at the destination - Arysoth - your very personal path to God Sof - I bow before God Sof in love and devotion 24/7. We are now a team - Terasof - FO - KA - AY - SF and AO - now GL appears in our circle - we greet you ♡♡♡

♡♡♡ Hallelujah ♡♡♡ Gloria ♡♡♡ Aum ♡♡♡

GL: Welcome in our holy circle - Arysoth.
AY: Many thanks - infinite thanks - highest thanks - most beautiful thanks ♡♡♡
I feel how this love and presence perfuses me.
GL: Now you are at the destination of your new purpose (task) - the start of your career for God and the world.
AY: Oh wonderful - wonderful ♡♡♡
GL: We begin song by song - piece by piece. Keep to Feronibas counsel. We will see each other again soon. In love, your GL ♡♡♡

Omnipotence is given
For your whole life
In the end it is us
Who thank you for it

AY: I am speechless - unbelievable - wonder-wonder-wonder-wonderous!!!
FO: That is how God SF, GL and AO reveal themselves - always 100% perfect in number, time, day, word and content (substance). That's how it is - for all time - in every place.

♡♡♡ Aum ♡♡♡ Om ♡♡♡ Amen ♡♡♡

SF: Welcome - Arysoth. Your name comes from me - because I love you - infinitely ♡♡♡ So it was - so it is - and so it will eternally stay. Much success and all AL and OP for you and for your group - AO ♡♡♡ Your God Sof ♡♡♡

AY: I always knew it and have always felt it and am in love ♡♡♡ Many thanks - Sof ♡♡♡ I love my name ♡♡♡
GL already left - SF and AO bid farewell waving and slowly float into the background and disappear out of sight, not out of the connection ♡♡♡

♡♡♡ Om ♡♡♡ Amen ♡♡♡ Aum ♡♡♡

End 5:40:22=5+4+4=5+8=13=4 - FO color formatting + AI + AY RP - end 6:32 AY buys arysoth.com and TW FB G+ YT etc. ♡♡♡ PE to TB 15 etc. end 7:55

Let's Make a Spaceship - Skrillex Documentary

* * * * * * *


Coming soon by Arysoth

* * * * * * *


(HG = highest good --- N = nature)
2015-12-28 London 20:45-21:40

• TS terasof.com

• Arysoth Band arysoth.com
1 - 24 Songs complete - melodies
2 - 24 LYs (lyric)
3 - Harmonies - arrangement (instrumentation) - recording - YT - WS (YouTube - website)
4 - Producer - band - management - CC (concert) tour

TS 20 h/week à 5.50 € = 110 € minimum/week = 440 € minimum/month

• Session 10 • 5:40:22=5+4+4=5+8=13=4 - FO color formatting + AI + AY RP - end 6:32 AY buys arysoth.com and TW FB G+ YT etc. ♡♡♡ PE to TB 15 etc. end 7:55

Chapter 7 - He who seeks shall find - The mountain is the valley, London, Berlin, Leipzig and more - God-cake

Deutscher Originaltext

We want to thank Arysoth very much indeed for this wonderful English translation - well done! ♡♡♡

Listen to [Vhuster] - Best of Guzheng Part 1 ♡♡♡ ♡ ♡♡♡

MD 52 - Mon 2015-12-28 London 23:50-3:53 - TW FW 688 ♡ FG 2194 - IC Frankincense ♡♡♡ 23:50 MD 52
SF: Hello FO. Love is not defenseless. To declare and demand love as defenselessness is foolish. We have a construct - a ein mesh (network) made up of souls, PPs, angels and G. PPs lay in conflict - the part lacks wholeness - that causes tension through lack.
(0:09 AN (+ VE) PS clarification circumstance problem + solution explained, Yin Yang - she is not interested though - farewell 1:45 VE PE + B - 1:55 MD continuation ♡♡♡)
Perfection is attained through PP-W or CH-W, through MN-living, through TS. The TS MN is perfect, the locations as well, also the teaching and the book, TB and the 64 gates to the divine and infinitely more - what's missing are DCs, AD, SMs, CCs and the O-TM behind it. Why this lack at this point? I now give the A for all:

It has been said "he who seeks shall find" - the formula is true, you seeked and found - now everyone finds (end page 37) us and you, TS - everyone who seeks us. We now WR the meta day ♡♡♡ (HTML-tag). So far your DCs found more than what they were seeking - from now on the seeking will find exactly what they are looking for: Us - G, angels, masters, and you, Feroniba the mysticism-master and pharao. You have walked the path with joy so far,with a totally fulfilled heart, with us, and with me, your G SF ♡♡♡ Now the God-seekers come and continue their path - with us - all the way to the destination ♡♡♡

♡♡♡ Aum ♡♡♡ Om ♡♡♡ Hallelujah ♡♡♡

We are open - 24/7 - for every seeker of God ♡♡♡ AY began seeking and has now arrived at the destination: with me - G SF ♡♡♡ SA was seeking paradise on earth - and has reached the destination: Still TS Leipzig, and soon also TS London and TS Berlin, and then always more locations of God and the angels, masters and helpers on earth ♡♡♡ (End page 38)
The mountain is the valley - London is Leipzig - and Leipzig will soon also be London, Berlin and more and more ♡♡♡
(2:22 WA to JU: It is 2:22 London Time - only JU is missing)
And now my gift to you:

We send you many DCs - they seek God and find me - G SF ♡♡♡ And find you - my prophet, and our DCs and MBs, FNs, FM and HPs - and they will want to marry you, in celibacy, with and without sex, with and without children - because they love you, and because they love me, and because they love all of us - GB, AM, GL, ST, AO, PD and more and more ♡♡♡ We embrace the whole world - now and forever, in AL and OP, AO. And my very special gift to you today is:


Our book is now complete
We gift 15 volumes
3 temples and much more
For this we love you very much

30 years you have served us
Gabriel and Amadeus
And now me - God Sof alone
Now we can free the world

Celibacy and sex are a means
Confrontation a smock (working coat)
All-love and omnipotence are
Elixir for the elderly and the child

Child-sex and murder are forbidden
Torture not even for the dead
Heartache and injury are
Now banned from mother earth

Who can resist here
Say "I want to leave again
In order to still seek something else"
For here is the whole cake

Dear humans - all the world
Eat as much as you like
Costs - do not arise here
Pure love - no bills

No stringency - only benevolence
And commandments - God save
All those who break principles
Cannot stay - sadly not

Everyone only creates separation themselves
Because only love is the name
Which keeps us together
Come now - come - the whole world! ♡♡♡

We bless you all - your God Sof and the entire team ♡♡♡

♡♡♡ Hallelujah ♡♡♡ Aum ♡♡♡ Om ♡♡♡

End 3:53 FO embraces G SF and goes to WR TB 15.7 online ♡♡♡ + paste + formatting TB 15.6 ♡♡♡ End 5:50

• Session 11 • Sat 2015-12-28 3:53 Past + formatting TB 15.6 ♡♡♡ 4:50 WR TB 15.7 online ♡♡♡ End 5:50 formatting color pic ♡♡♡ end 6:40 TB 15.7 proofreading ♡♡♡ Table of contents ♡♡♡ end 7:40

15.6 - 16.2 - Translation - 05/Jan/15 - 09:30 - 12:45 = 3h15min (Estimated time of work: 4h)
FO Mon 2016-1-25 2:20-2:55 TB 15.6-7 English upload + formatting ♡♡♡

End of book 15

Continue (On) to Book 16 - The magic of the human will -
WPP (WPC, WPS - World-Peace-Party, Community or Society)


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